Balloon Pop Game

Balloon Pop Game

Balloon Pop Game

Stag party games are all about kicking off the night on the right foot. It’s also about drinking a wagon load of beer. The boat race is the classic stag party drinking game. So if you want to take it up another level and want some guaranteed laughs then you have to play the Balloon Pop Game!

All you’ll need for this game is a pint, can or bottle of beer per man and a balloon each too. Each guy on the stag ties the balloon to his waist just over his backside. The stag party is split into 2 even teams. A member from each team starts at the other end of the room with his back turned.

Rope in some stranger in a bar to sound the whistle to start the Balloon Pop Game! The player must down his drink then run to the other of the room and pop the balloon by humping his teammate. Once the balloon is popped, the player who was being humped runs back tags the next player.

The winning team is the team that bursts all it’s balloons and drinks their beers in the quickest time. Simple stag party drinking game really. However bursting the balloon can be a bit tricky. Your humping skills may be called into question. However, what this game does do is guarantee a brilliant laugh, some comical images and possibly an injury or two!

So will be playing the Balloon Pop Game on your stag party weekend?



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