Beers To Try On A Prague Stag Party Weekend

Beers To Try On A Prague Stag Party Weekend

Beers To Try On A Prague Stag Party Weekend

It’s a stag weekend, you’ve just landed in Prague. Be honest, your first stop? The pub. To rehydrate after the plane journey or simply to continue where you left off in the airport bar. You’re about to head into one incredible stag weekend in a city and country who’s favourite drink is beer. It’s actually cheaper than water in most places. So as you get settled into a wild stag weekend, do make sure to check out some of the local Czech beers. They’re all savage and usually dirt cheap too. So here are a few Beers To Try On A Prague Stag Party Weekend!

Pilsner Urquell

We’ll start with arguably the most well know Czech Beer internationally. It’s originates in Pizen which is about 80km from Prague. This a strong and hoppy beer that can be found in nearly every bar in the city. It won’t break the bank either as you get pint after pint. It will be your go to drink, in my opinion, over the course of your stag weekend.


Brewed smack bang in the city of Prague itself. It comes from the Smíchov district. That probably doesn’t concern you on the stag. But, it has a light and fruity flavour that is loved by the locals. When you’re on a stag weekend and going non stop until you arrive back in Ireland. This beer will be one of your best friends.

Budweisser (Budejovicky Budvar)

Absolutely no relation to the American Budweiser this beer is a firm favourite with the Czech’s. It’s a solid strong beer and when you’re struggling for your second wind on the stag weekend. This is a nice settler to get you back up and running.


This is one of the country’s best selling beers. It comes in light and dark varieties and either are delicious. I’ve enjoyed a few of these on my trips to Prague and you won’t be disappointed.


A wonderful beer that has a caramel and malty taste lads. It’s one tasty beer that is found throughout the city and goes down easy. Far too easy actually.


 The last beer on my list in Braník, I threw this one on here as it’s actually brewed with river water from Vitava. This gives it a distinctive and tasty flavour. A lovely beer for day drinking because who are we kidding. We know you’ll be on the sauce all of the stag party weekend.

Regardless of what beer you go for in Prague. You’re pretty much guaranteed a solid and tasty pint. Also worth noting lads is that the local beers are always cheaper than the imported beers, as they call them. So there you have it lads, the Beers to try on a Prague Stag Party weekend. Which will you try first?

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