The Benefits Of Drinking Beer On The Stag Party

The Benefits Of Drinking Beer On The Stag Party

The Benefits Of Drinking Beer On The Stag Party

There are plenty of reports and research papers about the benefits of drinking beer. It has been show to to help reduce the risk of heart disease, can help prevent kidney stones, lower risk of diabetes and even help minimize the risk of cancer. It’s amazing stuff really! But, it got me thinking about the benefits of drinking beer for stag parties. So here we go lads, just some of The Benefits Of Drinking Beer On The Stag Party!



First on the list of the benefits of drinking beer is ‘confidence’. There’s no getting away from it but beer makes us all a little bit more confident. It has shown to give us some ‘dutch courage’ and may be the reason you actually have a girlfriend, fiancé or even wife. It loosens the lips and with every sip the nerves seem to flow away.

This confidence also transfers over into those sports stories you would be sprouting over the course of the stag weekend. Like how you scored a length of the field try. But, your’re actually a prop and it was a 3 yard fall over the line job. Or that you still reckon you have what it takes to be called up to the Irish football team.

Finally, confidence that you’ve received from the pints you’ve been knocking back on the stag party weekend. Is the reason why you think you can knock back 5 shots of tequila and still say “I’m grand” afterwards.


Injury Prevention

Next on our list is the benefits beer brings to injury prevention on the stag party weekend. You might be scratching your head at this one lads. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had too much to drink and either fall down or over something and wake up with strange bruises the following day.

This is all true but think for a second about the amount of times or stories you’ve heard. That because he was drunk he didn’t feel it or was a bit looser when he fell. On a stag party weekend when you’re taking on activities like paintball, a few beers the night before maybe the reason you don’t feel the paintballs as much. But, if you’re useless at paintball and are being bombarded by 100’s of paintballs. I think you’re on your own. The beer will actually decide to feck off too. It’s call sobering up!


Improves Sleep

Another benefit of drinking beer on the stag party weekend is that it improves sleep. The first night of the stag you’ll hit the sauce hard. Let’s not kid ourselves. But when you eventually hit the hay in the early hours. You do so knowing you need to be up for the second day of the stag party and a stag party activity. The drinking of beer ensures your sleep is deep, very deep. You’ll be out for the count. This deep sleep will help improve energy levels the following day on the stag party and have your raring to go for a great activity with the lads.

Helps With Dandruff

No one likes the look of dandruff regardless if you’re on a stag party weekend or just chilling at home. But beer has been shown to help stop dandruff. So, on the stag do, don’t worry if one of the lads pours a beer on your head. Or, if you fall asleep with beer in hand and pour it all over yourself. It’s actually beneficial. Treat your mane of hair to a beer lads!

Improves Lower Limb Movement

Let’s be honest, more beer into your system equals more questionable shapes on the dancefloor. Men’s dancing skills on a stag party weekend can be directly linked to their consumption of beer. Basically, going zero before beer. To thinking their John Travolta in the club. If it wasn’t for beer, we all wouldn’t have great videos of our mates making a show of themselves on the stag party weekend.

Increases Appetite

Another benefit of drinking beer is the power it delivers to your appetite. After a day of drinking on the stag party. You’ll make a straight shot after the club to the nearest takeaway and proceed to order everything on the menu to satisfy your hunger. You’ll finish it all and still not be satisfied but the urge for bed will be too strong.

It even spills over into the next day as you tuck into an almighty fry up that is some brave attempt to garner enough soakage for another mad day on the sesh.

Tastes Great

Last and by no means least. One of the big benefits of beer on a stag party is that it tastes great. It’s a taste sensation. It’s the taste that ensures you’re able to go all day with the lads from pub to pub. Jaysus, I want a pint now!


So, there you have it lads. Just some of The Benefits Of Drinking Beer On The Stag Party. Not that you needed anymore reason to enjoy a few as you give your mate a proper send off.

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