Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag

Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag

Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag

Today I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Thinking about some of the great nights out I’ve had, great stag party weekends I’ve been on and basically those nights where the hangover the next day was truly worth it and you wore it like a badge of honour. Here are some Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag!


I was recently on a stag party weekend and it was decided to go with self catering accommodation because of the time we’d all be arriving. And, the simple fact we could stock the place up with enough drink to cater an Irish funeral. After we all settled and had a few beers, one of the lads busted out Cranium. If you haven’t played it, your missing out. But it got me thinking about board games I played when I was kid and which ones would be brilliant on a stag party. I’m sure you’re like myself and creative enough to make drinking games out of them.

So with that in mind here are the Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag and made into drinking games.




I don’t many people who don’t like MouseTrap. Many any engineer wishes they could create something as good as this board game. Okay it might take some time to set up but it was a fantastic spectacle in full flow. To add the stag party touch to this game, why not add a few shots along the route.


Ah the saddle-stacking game with the moody mule. This game took balance, finesse, composure and the ability to place a small shovel on a spring powered horse. A sport of kings and to make it into a stag party game you can have a shot of something nasty for the person who makes the mule buckaroo!


Okay maybe not played on a board but it is found in that section of the toy shop. Jenga is another game that delighted us all over the years. Now try to play it under the influence on a stag party weekend will surely make it more difficult. For every piece successfully removed have a swig of beer and for that poor dope that knocks the jenga tower he must drink a forfeit.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

The mayhem that was unleashed when Hungry Hungry Hippos game started. Everyone trying to eat as many balls as possible in order to win the game. A great board game that even today you can’t resist to play if you see it. How you might say do I turn this into a stag party game. Well simple really, each ball equals 1 second of drinking. Depending on how many balls you get depends on how long you drink. And the person you gets the least must drink a shot.


Such a simple game, that at one point probably had you convinced that you may be able to wage war at sea. However that was short lived as was in my case I constantly lost. But this board game is ideally suited for a stag party game. Each hit equals a drink and when someones ships are left as wreckage they must drink a shot.

Connect Four

Another great board game, that really tested the minds of nation. Someone would always say they have a trick blah blah but a great game nonetheless that can be easily made into a stag party drinking game. If you connect 2, drink for 2. If you connect 3 drink for 3 and if you connect 4 drink til you hit the floor.


So there you have it some of your beloved childhood games that can be turned into stag party drinking games. What game will you play?



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