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Have you got a Stag Party to plan and need a location? But not just any location either, you want something amazing? Well look no further than Carlingford, lads! The village of Carlingford is located on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth and is situated at the foot of the Slieve Foy mountain. As well as that the village overlooks a massive lake so there’ll be amazing views in all directions. The backdrop of the mountain and the lake is just amazing. Whether you’re into that or not, you’re definitely going to take a few photos of the landscape on your Carlingford Stag Party. But what else makes Carlingford such a great place? Let’s find out.


The village is tiny! You can walk from one end to the other and back in roughly thirty minutes. But in those thirty minutes you’ll find a number of bars, cafes, accommodations, and also restaurants. The village may be small but it has everything you need to have a fantastic Stag Party. On top of everything we’ve already mentioned, you’ll also find a massive selection of activities in and around Carlingford. So let’s get a little more in depth with a Carlingford Stag Party.



The Activities on a Carlingford Stag Party

Gents, you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from in Carlingford. With the Slieve Foy mountain being the perfect place for a hike, or the lake being an ideal place for some of the best water activities, you’ll have a great time. The water-based activities include kayaking, water trampolining, canoeing, and paddle boarding. As well as these activities you’ll also find activities such as zorbing, karting, bubble soccer, archery, laser combat and foot golf to name a few. These are just a number of the amazing activities available lads!


The Accommodation

Carlingford provides a wide range of accommodations for you to stay in. The village is home to a number of great hotels and apartments. So if you’re looking for comfort and convenience then those would be the best options. But if you’re looking to take advantage of the amazing scenery around Carlingford then why not try a spot of Glamping? Hit the hay in a stylish cabin or a hut and wake up the next morning to the fresh air of the countryside. The choice is yours.


The Nightlife on a Carlingford Stag Party

Lads, the village of Carlingford is a mad mix. On weekdays the village is a quiet, rural area but on the weekends it turns into a partying sanctuary. The village comes alive when the Stag Parties and Hens rock up and the bars and clubs know exactly how to cater to Stags and Hens. So get ready for a wild weekend lads!



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