Carrick on Shannon for a stag party

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Carrick on Shannon for a Stag Party

This are the reasons why we love Carrick on Shannon for a stag party! The river Shannon is the longest river in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; it is magical and historic and has lots of large towns, small towns, and the City of Limerick built on its banks. One of those towns a great stretch up from the Shannon estuary is Carrick, more commonly known as Carrick on Shannon. It’s a quaint but wonderful spot and a brilliant tourist destination. We love Carrick on Shannon as a stag party destination for a myriad of reasons but principally for the following five.

1. The Best Nightlife

We constantly ask ourselves, “what makes a destination special for Stag parties” The first has got to be the night life. Stags are by name and nature, Stags!! The man who is on the point of tying the knot and rutting in the same spot from here on in is having one last hurrah with his mates. Stags by their nature are bold as brass, cocky, full of testosterone and on for the joys of life. They do not kip down when the sun drops below the horizon. The live life to the full and getting tired is for wimps. They will burn the midnight oil and Carrick on Shannon has the best night life North of wherever. All the bars and nightclubs in Carrick welcome the stags. Stags while they like a great time, all generally well behaved and always welcomed.

2. There are a plethora of activities available to the stag parties on the day of the party.

Most guys like to let off a bit of steam and squeeze the life out of some challenging activity. Lads can go clay pigeon shooting for example. For anyone that has not experienced it before, it is a great sport. We can advise and book you into a reputable provider so that the group gets proper advice and directions in how to use shotguns and fire at targets. What is great is that no living creature gets wiped out in the pursuit of pleasure. Pull, bang and wow; great shot!

For those that don’t fancy hanging off the end of a shotgun, there are other alternatives. Buggy racing is becoming hugely popular with the stags. The four wheel drive machines have specially adapted suspensions under the robust bodies. Anti roll bars are fitted as are seat belts and other safety features. Courses are designed to be challenging with steep climbs, crazy corners, mud baths, flat areas for overtaking and some have streams that can be driven through. Stags need to bring their wellies and will be provided with waterproof overalls and helmets.

This experience will get the lads buzzing and lay the foundations for a great stag party. Another option is paintballing. The adrenaline rush is involved here too. All dressed up in combat gear with helmets and visors taking on the enemy that were friends walking in and will be friends walking out. No danger to life or limb and everyone has a great time.

3. Well guess what? Lots of hen parties travel to Carrick on Shannon as well!

So, the chance of being stranded in a small town without a romantic involvement is a rare enough occurrence. Many a bride and groom met as supporters of another bride and groom in Carrick on Shannon at the kickoff party.

4. Super cool restaurants and accommodation

What is there not to like about this beautiful town? Fantastic hotels, restaurants and night life. It’s big enough to cater for all the needs of the Stags and yet small enough that you can’t get lost.

5. Freedom!

Most of all, the Stags can let their hair down a bit without fearing that they will bump into some nosey neighbour. While it has everything it is far enough away from mainstream.



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