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The 4 Reasons You Need to go to Carrick on Shannon for Your Stag


With something for everyone, Carrick on Shannon is one of the most popular destinations in Ireland for stag parties and it’s easy to see why. It’s a beautiful riverside town with plenty of bars and restaurants and it also hosts a large variety of fun activities.

But why does Carrick on Shannon stand out from all the rest? Well, we’re about to tell you…

1. The Location

Situated on the River Shannon in Co. Leitrim, you’re going to be taking in the fresh air and some amazing views while you and the lads get up to some shenanigans. Why not take advantage of the river and head out on a Moon River cruise for a few drinks or maybe even some water rafting for the water sports enthusiasts among you?

2. The Activities

Being one of the most popular stag party locations in Ireland, it’s got to have some fun activities, right? Carrick on Shannon hosts a whole load of activities such as:

With a range this extensive you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone! And why not go all out and do a combination of the activities to make the stag party even better? 

3. The Nightlife

If you’re looking for a good drinking session for your stag party then Carrick on Shannon is the place to be! The sports fans among you can head to Murtagh’s Bar for some food and drink while you watch some rugby, GAA or football on the big screens. Or if you want to have a few drinks with some traditional music in the background then head to Cryan’s Bar and Restaurant. You could also end up doing a pub crawl through the rest of the bars such as Gings, Dunne’s, The Anchorage and more. Sure the craic will be mighty!

4. The Accommodation

After all the fun and activities, you and the lads are going to need somewhere to stay. Carrick on Shannon offers some amazing locations to hit the hay (or not!) and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re looking for accommodation with a view or maybe you want something a bit more quiet, you’re going to find it in Carrick on Shannon!

So there we have it! Carrick on Shannon is a stunning riverside town which boasts a large range of activities which are all perfectly suited to stag parties. It’s also a great spot for the session so you and the lads can have some fun and then have a few drinks afterwards to carry on the craic. And with some amazing locations for accommodation your comfort will be the cherry on top. Winning! 



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