Cork Stag Weekend

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Cork Stag Weekend

Head to the real capital for your Cork Stag Weekend. We’ve got it all sorted you down in the deep south. Of course just to confuse all the stags visiting, Cork decided to split the river Lee into 2 channels – then add in all the one way streets and hills and it just get worse. Anyway on your stag party you won’t be driving, just straight to the pub. Cork is big enough that there’s a great choice of places to go but not so big that you end up losing Timmy from the Accounts Dept. (although maybe that’s what you wanted).

Getting here

is easy – drive motorway all the way from Dublin now (just over 2 hours) or take the train (a few tinnies on the way anyone ?). Should suggest taking the bus to your Cork Stag Weekend ? Perhaps not great for the return if you’re feeling a little under the weather. 


A really fine 4 star hotel 5 minute taxi from the city centre or a 15 minute walk – pool, sauna and jacuzzi for recovery the morning after. Cork is the perfect spot for a stag party – great pubs and we know where they are. For your Cork Stag Weekend do we can offer you a massive choice of activities for those who want to take it easy to those more up for a laugh – Footgolf, Hurling/Gaelic Football Session (both new for 2015) and then Comedy Club, Lasertrooper, Karting, Fireman training and much more. So book it now – fire us off an email



Cork Stag weekend - Cork City Hall & River Lee

Cork Stag weekend – Cork City Hall & River Lee



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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