Delivering A Winners Speech After Karting

Karting Speech

Delivering a winners speech after karting

If you find that you are victorious against your fellow stag goers after a few laps of the karting track then perhaps a winners speech would really finish it off nicely to show them who really is the boss.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your winners speech is the best one that you have ever given!

– Don’t wing it! Preparation is key. Of course if you write the speech and don’t end up winning then nobody needs to know about that. Leave the paper in your pocket and carry on about your day as normal.

-If you do win however, know exactly what you are going to say. Don’t sound rehearsed but have a good idea of where you are going with it.

-Knowing your audience isn’t really a necessary step considering you’re talking among your friends. (Although after your speech they may want to disown you). Keeping it light hearted and fun is the only way to go with this.

-Always have clear defined goals. In this case you want to make sure that all of your friends know that you are much better at karting than they ever will be. Fact!

-Open the speech by thanking everyone that made it possible for you to get the award. Basically you’re being a pain by telling them how much better you are than them but in a sly way! I can guarantee you will absolutely be buying the drinks that night!

-Tell them that it was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. ”Tony was sensational at gaining speed at the corners and everyone played professionally” (immediately throws daggers at the guy who nearly killed him going around the bend).

-You might have a few bitter faces looking at you when you’re doing your speech so make sure that you crack a few jokes along the way. After all it is all in the name of fun! ‘I’d like thank the Academy for allowing me to be here today’.

-Enjoy every moment of it! There will no doubt be a lot of celebrating when someone else wins the paintball or one of the lads does better at clay pigeon shooting so make the most of the moment. You might as well savour the sweet taste of victory while you have the chance!

-Throw in a bit of humour about how poor Tom got out-lapped 25 times in the first 10 minutes… just in case he didn’t already get enough slagging!

-As you wrap up the speech let them know of your great plans to destroy them. Whether paintballing warfare or you’re going to smash it at bubble soccer and demolish them at quad biking! If anything it will encourage them to do even better in the stag activities. And it’ll even make them a little more challenging!

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