Drinking Pentathlon

Drinking Pentathlon

Drinking Pentathlon

Stag parties always come in a variety of themes and this year is no different. With the Olympics in full swing it seems fitting to include a few Olympic themed drinking games for all the stag goers among you. I give you… The Drinking Pentathlon.

Olympic Relay Race

This game comprises of two teams. Each team stands in a line opposite each other and fills a cup with alcohol. As the cup gets passed down the line each member can drink as much or as little as desired. The cup can only go in one direction. So bare in mind that you won’t get an opportunity to drink from it again. You also cannot pass it back to someone who has already drank out of it. This means that to win the challenge it is up to the last person in the race to finish the remaining drink.

So don’t be lousy and leave it all for him (unless it’s the groom). Just as with any relay race, put your fastest lads first so that you can try to gain back lost time in the final crucial seconds of the game and lead your relay team to beer drinking victory.


Pole Vault Race

The aim of this game is to create a pole with beer cans. Everyone must drink as many cans as they can in a certain time allocated. The empty cans are stacked on top of each other and duct taped together to create a pole for vaulting. The guy with the most amount of cans drank, stacked together and therefore the longest pole is the winner and takes home gold for his drinking skills and fast technique.


Case Race

If you are looking to win the gold then you will need a strong team for the final challenge. Round up the lads on the stag and split them into two teams. This race requires lads that can handle their drink. Stamina, strength and the will of an Olympian is the key to success in a case race. The aim of the game is to finish your case of beer before the other team – and remember, if you’re not first you’re last!


Beer Luge

This is our very own version of the Luge sport. Since we don’t have snow here during the summer months and the likelihood of getting our hands on a few sleds are slim to none, use a sleeping bag and find the local hill for the lads at the stag party. It’s each man for himself so don’t forget your sleeping bag or you might have to do a forfeit instead. Fill all drinks with equal measurements. The aim of the game is to get in your sleeping bag and try to have your drink gone before you make it to the end of the hill.

Another version of this game is to try not to spill your drink before you get to the bottom of the hill. This might prove difficult considering the hill will more than likely be riddled with bumps. The lad that has the most drink in his cup when he gets to the end of the finish line wins!


Beer Table Tennis

There are two members needed for this game. Each person will have a beer can placed on the table at either side of them. The aim is to throw a ping pong ball and touch one of your opponents cans with the ball. If the ball hits the can then the player that made the throw is allowed to drink his beer until the ball is put back on the table again. The guy that finishes his drinks first wins!

And that’s it! the perfect Olympic drinking games night for a stag party with a difference!




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