Drunk Conversations Every Lad Has

Drunk Conversations Every Lad Has

Drunk Conversations Every Lad Has

Lads, we talk some awful shite after a few pints. We try and be philosophical, talk about our dreams and debate key issues of the day. But what actually comes out of our mouth is often just dribble and will probably forever remain just some drunk conversation you had. These are the types of Drunk Conversations Every Lad Has.

So after thinking long and hard about what drunk conversations I’ve had I’ve rounded up conversations I’m sure every lad has had on a night out. You’ll be sure to hear a few of these on a stag party too.


1. I’ll be your Wingman!

We’ve all been there. In a bar or club and you see a couple of pretty girls. You have your particular eye on one but it’s a daunting task approaching a large group of women. You hear those words “I’ll be your wingman”. You ask ‘are you sure’ as you’ve had a few, but he insists.

This will end either of 2 ways. The first will see you enjoying a conversation with this particular girl while your wingman distracts the other women…I mean entertain. Or secondly and the more likely of the 2. You’re wingman will be and was to drunk to actually talk properly, maybe dance inappropriately and probably turn the entire group off you both. The single man’s struggle on a stag party.

2. Let’s Open A Bar

Every Irish man has said this at least once in his lifetime. You have zero qualifications in running a bar, but have great ideas of what you’d call it, what kind of bar it would be, that it would be a success, women would love it and that all the lads would drink for free. It would be like having your very own ‘Cheers’ show. The reality is that you’ll lose loads of money and if you’re like me and my mates you’ll end up drinking all the stock and have zero money coming in.

3. Let’s Go Travelling

The we should go travelling drunk conversation. There isn’t really anything wrong with this conversation but you’re probably having this conversation with some random fella you met an hour ago while ordering pints. There will be zero thought of work, partners or money. If you do find yourself on a plane… well I say just go for it.

4. Feck, I’ve broken the seal

There is only so much beer and shots our bladders can take on stag party or night out before you begin the ritual of having to go to the toilet every 10 minutes for the rest of the night. You will have a conversation interrupted by breaking the seal and then have a separate conversation about actually breaking the seal. When nature calls lads we always answer…regardless of the location. It’s those times you’re glad you were born a guy.

5. Liverpool are Shite!

We all have a Liverpool fan in our group. Drunk conversations about football can be heated. Even more so with Liverpool fan. You’ll spend hours discussing how they haven’t won a premier league etc and tell they’ll won’t be pushing for a title anytime soon. To which they’ll respond over and over again “You’re wrong” or something about winning it before the premiership started. You’ll simply say that you’re not wrong, Liverpool are shite and just look at Leicester. They’ve won a title. This is what you’ll be met with.

6. Shouting in the Club

This conversation is just shouting in a club. You think the other person can be hear you but the can’t. They simply nod and laugh occasionally while you hold your hand to your own ear in an attempt to block out the sound. This will happen repeatedly on the stag party night.

7. See that one at the bar? I scored her! Nuttier than squirrel shit she is!

We’ve all had this conversation. The macho man inside you comes out when you’ve had a few drinks and you feel it’s your need to tell your friends you scored that girl at the bar. It’s probably true that she’s a bit mental. In fairness, she’d want to be to score you, but cutting up all your clothes was a step too far. Now the only recollection of this bad decision you made is on Facebook. You’ll be glad it’s your stag when you think about it.

8. I need a munch. Fiery, spicy and hot munch!

This drunk conversation will either be with yourself or a very drunk friend who is so engrossed with being your best bud, doesn’t advise against you buying the Hellfire burrito or the Inferno pizza with extra jalepeno’s. Instead he agrees with you that you’ll be grand, you can handle the heat and that you do love spicy hot food. Your stomach however is and will be in total disagreement when you wake up the following morning with an almighty hangover and Johnny Cash’s song ‘Ring of Fire’ playing in your head. And it burns…burns…burns…

So there you have it the Drunk Conversations Every Lad Has on nights out and most certainly will on his stag party weekend. There will be an unholy amount of alcohol consumed over the 72 hours or so of a stag weekend that it’s probably best to know what drunk conversations you’ll encounter. But come on it’s worth it for a great stag party weekend.



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