Dublin Slang To Slag Mayo

Dublin Slang To Slag Mayo

Dublin Slang To Slag Mayo

Seeing as we did Mayo Slang to slag Dublin, it’s only right that we return the favour. This little article is for all those Mayo fans and neutrals in the crowd wondering what the lads from the big smoke are on about. So when you arrive at Croke Park on Sunday here’s the Dublin Slang To Slag Mayo to keep an ear out for.


Like before we’ll start with a few words that will be echoing loudly and proudly from Hill 16. Chances are also you’ll hear these words too on the stroll up to the home of GAA.

Shit storm – Dublin people can often smell in the air and means there might be a chance of a fiery encounter between the 2 sides.

Slash – After a few alcoholic beverages you’ll be dying for a piss too.

Sallynoggin – Used to describe a headbutt. Mayo fans will be hoping none of the Dublin players throw any of  these.

Dingwop – You’d call a stupid person this!

Capper – This is an alternative way of calling someone an idiot.

Bleedin Rapid – A Dublin way of saying something looks great or even that a player is quiet fast.

Shister – This another way to call someone a bullsh*ter or someone who’s talking nonsense. Many Dublin fans will be calling Mayo fans this as they talk about their chances in the game.

Shaper – A way of describing a lad with an arrogant walk. They might be shouting this at a few of the Mayo players after they score a point.


Yi Bleeeeedn DzzOOpee Yi – This a Dublin persons way of calling you a dope.

Know what i mean vaseline – Do you know what I mean.

Chicken Legs – This means skinny legs and is a way of slaggin the skinnier members of the Mayo football team.

That’s about as useful as Steve Staunton – A Dublin fan may use this to describe Mayo’s efforts to score on Cluxton.

Ur a bleedin spoon – Another way the Dublin fan can call you an idiot.

I hope your next sh*te is a hedgehog – If Mayo win at the weekend there may be a few Dublin fans shouting this at them. No one likes a sore loser however.

So there you have it. Just some of the Dublin slang to slag Mayo that you might hear at the All Ireland Football Final on Sunday in Croke Park.



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