Dublin Stag- Yes or No

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Dublin stag – yes or no

 The Capital of Ireland, Dublin is an amazing city full of life and atmosphere and it’s a city that’s known worldwide and so it attracts a large volume of tourists all year round. But is it a suitable destination for your stag party? By the end of this piece you’ll have your answer!


 It’s fun and full of activities!

Dublin is full of activities which are perfect for a stag party. These activities include but are not limited to things such as bubble soccer, paintballing, indoor karting, clay shooting, archery and kayaking. Dublin is also home to the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery, which are both open to tours. As well as all this, you’ve got a massive amount of bars and restaurants to choose from all within walking distance from O’Connell Street. Spoilt for choice!


 It’s busy!

Being the capital of Ireland, Dublin draws in massive numbers so it’s rare to find the city quiet. But this can be used to your advantage because where there’s a lot of people there’s a lot of atmosphere. The bars around the city are always mighty craic, and because people from all over the world travel to the city, there’s a wide range of music, food and drinks available to satisfy even the most eclectic of tastes.


 It’s a stag party hot spot!

Stag parties from all over the world travel to Dublin because let’s face it…it’s Ireland and the Irish are the inventors of the craic! Yep, if you choose Dublin as your stag party destination then chances are you’ll bump into some other stag parties and maybe take a few drinking buddies under your wing so you can show them the Irish way. If Dublin is good enough for the rest of the world then it’s surely good enough for your stag party!


Sounds good so far, right?


 One downfall…


Accommodation is expensive!

Seeing as Dublin is the capital of Ireland the accommodation prices can be pretty steep. It draws in crowds in their droves! Between concerts happening around the city and sports games being played in the stadiums, accommodation prices can really go up. But if you book far enough in advance you could get lucky and find cheaper prices. Either way, we think this is a necessary sacrifice when the city offers so much to do!


Are you still wondering if Dublin is the place to go for your stag party? The only answer is yes!


With so many activities and tours on offer, and with countless bars and restaurants so nearby leaving you spoilt for choice, it’s a very clear Yes from us! Yeah, the accommodation may be expensive if you don’t manage to get one of the cheaper prices. But we think that the city more than makes up for it in how much life and atmosphere comes along with the package. So choose Dublin now and you’ll be sure to have great craic with the lads!


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