The Football Drinking Game

The Football Drinking Game

The Football Drinking Game

A good stag party weekend should include a good drinking game. The chances are over the course of the weekend you’ll take in a game of football in the pub. So, as you start into your first few pints why not also spend the next 90 mins or so playing the football drinking game!

You won’t need much for this drinking game, just your drink of choice, some football on the telly and all the lads on the stag party weekend.

There are 2 parts to this drinking game. The first is what actually happens in the game and the second is the commentary on the game. We’ll also say the 1 drink is equal to 3 fingers on the pint glass.

So, drink when the following happens

  • Throw In = 1 drink
  • Free Kick = 1 drink
  • Decent Cross = 2 drinks
  • Yellow Card = 2 drinks
  • Red Card = 3 drinks
  • Goal = Down the pint!
  • Penalty = 3 drinks
  • Corner = 1 drink
  • Offside = 1 drink
  • Save = 1 drink
  • Individual piece of skill = 3 drinks
  • Shot of fan shouting what the team should be doing = 1 drink
  • Shot of manager throwing his arms around in some vague way to describe tactics = 2 drinks
  • Dive = 1 drink
  • Injury = 2 drinks
  • Sub = 2 drinks
  • Goal kick = 1 drink
  • Save off the line = 3 drinks
  • Goal disallowed = 3 drinks
  • Big clean tackle = 2 drinks
  • Hits the post = 2 drinks
  • Hits the crossbar = 3 drinks
  • Fighting = 3 drinks
  • Streaker = Down a full pint

When the commentator or pundit says:

  • “A game of 2 halves” = 3 drinks
  • “Fantastic” = 2 drinks
  • “How did he miss that” = 2 drinks
  • “Incredible” = 1 drink
  • “At the end of the day” = 1 drink
  • “He’s through” = 1 drink

Bonus round

  • If you over hear anyone in the bar make a over generalized comment about football, a particular team, player, or sprouts some stats the just got from reading a tweet earlier. That equals 3 drinks.

So, there you have it lads. The Football Drinking Game to take the game of football you’re watching in the pub on your stag to a whole new level. The hardest party of this stag party drinking game is deciding on what to actually drink!

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