Funny Ways To Describe Your Stag Party Hangover

Funny Ways To Describe Your Stag Party Hangover

Funny Ways To Describe Your Stag Party Hangover

I’m immensely proud to say I’m Irish. For such a small Island we’ve left a huge impact all over the world. We’ve produce world class athletes, scholars, entrepreneurs, musicians, singers and literary geniuses. But one thing we do better than anyone else in the world is describe our hangovers.

We have a grasp of the English language that allows Irish people describe there hangovers with a certain grace. One thing is also certain to happen on a Irish stag party is the inevitable hangover. So with hangovers being the topic that will be…pounding…to the fore front of guy’s minds after the stag party night here are the “Funny Ways To Describe Your Stag Party Hangover”.

In no particular order to describe your stag party hangover:

  • As rough as a Badger’s arse!
  • I’m in Lego!
  • I’m in a Heap!
  • I feel like boiled shite…
  • Sick as a plane to Lourdes..
  • I’ve got the fear!
  • I feel like someone has hoovered the head off me!
  • I’m shaking like a shitting dog
  • My mouth feels like Ghandi’s flip flop…
  • This hangover is so bad my hair is hurting
  • My eyes are like 2 pissholes in the snow…
  • Head like a burst mattress.
  • Me head is bangin like 2 angry monkeys!
  • Someone call the vet…I want to be put down!
  • A mouth like a camel’s arse in a sandstorm
  • Bollixed!
  • Feeling like 50lbs of crap in a 10lb bag
  • Face like a slapped arse…
  • Polaxed!
  • I’m absolutely goosed!
  • I’m puking my ring!
  • I’ve had a bad pint…
  • In rag order
  • I’ve got brown bottle flu..
  • I’m in the horrors!

So when your lying in whatever you’ve decided to call a bed last night will you be using any of these funny ways to describe your stag party hangover? Is there any one you think we’ve missed? Oh and finally, hangovers don’t last forever but memories of a savage stag party weekend will!



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