How To Get Brownie Points On Valentines Day

How To Get Brownie Points On Valentines Day

How To Get Brownie Points On Valentines Day

To the majority of men Valentines Day is just another Hallmark Holiday. It creeps up on many of us and before you know it you’re panic buying everything heart shaped in Tesco or the local petrol station. She’ll know to well you’ve forgot so here’s how to get Brownie Points on Valentines Day. These will actually come in handy for that stag party weekend you’ve got coming up with the lads. Because you and me both know it’s going to be a mad one.

Public Display of Affection! 

First thing to earn you a few brownie points gents is a public display of affection. I’m not talking about locking lips on the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, holding hands walking down shop street in Galway or being that couple with your hands in each others back pocket while walking. I cannot be the only one who hates the sight of that?

Anyway, the public display of affection I’m referring to is some romantic and borderline cheesy post on Facebook and/or Instagram. These are more than likely her favourite forms of social media. A good looking photo of the two of ye on holidays when she had that tan she loved will work. Drop underneath it some love quote you got from a quick Google search and boom! Brownie points in the bag for what an incredible partner you are… etc etc.


Women love rashers lads! It’s a widely known fact that they are weak for rashers. So fry up a few with a poached egg and serve it to her in bed. The combination of bacon in bed will score you massive brownie points. Another tip to maximise the brownie points on offer is to do this when she least expects it. Obviously, she might expect it on Valentines Day so a few days before is the best time to catch her off guard. You’re being spontaneous. Again more brownie points in the bag for that wild stag party weekend coming up.

Family Time

Remember lads you’re playing the long game here. If you plan on really letting loose on the stag party. Have those brownie points well stocked up. With that in mind one way to add to your stock is by spending some quality time with her family when she’s not around. You may have to grit your teeth but a bit of self sacrifice for the greater good, a stag party in Prague maybe, is why you’re doing it.



Right, you don’t want to be breaking the bank on a Valentines Day gift. You want to save that money for the stag party weekend. Gotta keep money for cans sure. Priorities and all that. So pick up a few bags of her favourite sweets, (It also shows you know what she likes), or flowers she likes. Keep it simple and add it with a little thought and the brownie points will be rolling in.

No Ulterior Motive Massage

In my opinion you should get a medal for this one. Also your mates stag that your building these brownie points up for should be waiting with extra pints too. A back rub or a foot rub after a long day will have you up to your neck in brownie points. It’s worth it but probably best to have a cold shower afterwards or head for a long walk.

Actual Brownies

Finally lads, make actual brownies for her. This can be used as a Valentines Day gift, something to calm her hangry state, show off your culinary skills and of course bag those brownie points. I’ve never seen a woman be angry eating brownies. Might also be worth having a back up stash when you return from the stag party weekend.


So there you have it lads, How to get Brownie Points on Valentines Day. Trust me when I say those brownie points will come in handy when the stag party weekend comes around and you plan on going nuts!


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