Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween Drinking Games

If you’ve booked your stag party weekend for the Halloween weekend you’re in for a treat. Not only will there be plenty scantily clad women on the night. Halloween also offers the opportunity to play some unique stag party drinking games. So lads, get the bodies ready for these Halloween Drinking Games!

Bobbing for Spirits

No need to go to in depth for the explanation of this game. Fill up a big bowl with water. Throw in some apples and some mini bottles of spirits. Then it’s time to go bobbing for spirits!

Monster Mash

By this stage in our adult lives we should be well able to count. After a few beers and shots it does tend to get a little more difficult. All the lads sit in a circle and start counting. On numbers divisible by 3 you say ‘Monster’ and on numbers divisible by 5 say ‘Mash. For example…1…2…Monster…4…Mash…Monsters…7.

Who ever makes a mistake has to take a shot!

Dead Celebrity

This in a nutshell is 21 questions with a drinking problem. You choose a Dead celebrity for this stag party drinking game. It has to be a dead celebrity with Halloween and all. Then its over to the lads to ask questions to determine who it is. You can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

After every 4 questions everyone takes a drink. Who ever guess correctly can then nominate someone to drink a shot.

Horror Movie Drinking Game

There will be plenty of horror movies on Halloween weekend. So why not play the Horror Movie drinking game while you’re getting ready to hit the town. It’s very simple. You drink a shot anytime someone says “I’ll be right back” or runs upstairs and not out the door to safety. You can add your own rules along to the game to make it a little more interesting.

EyeBall Beer Pong

Beer pong is always a solid stag party drinking game. In the Halloween version simply replace the ping pong balls with eyeballs and the beer with something a little stronger. Think of a spirit that is sure to turn the stomach. The eyeballs can be novelty ones that you can pick up in a joke shop. Unless you’re really sadistic you can pick some up in your butchers.

A stag party on Halloween is always brilliant craic and this Halloween drinking games will only add to what will be a memorable stag party weekend.



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