How Not To Get Fired On Your Christmas Party

How Not To Get Fired On Your Christmas Party

How Not To Get Fired On Your Christmas Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ is what I’m told. However, jolly to me involves having a few more beers than usual and really relaxing. And yes lying face down in the bathroom is relaxing at the end of the night.

However the Christmas party season is upon us which means for most of us is drinking in front of our bosses. In work you might be seen as a vital member of the team. Someone who has the ability to lead others and is an innovator.

In your life outside of work though. You are a someone who drinks their own body weight in beer and enjoys enough shots to take down a small horse on a Saturday night. So if you don’t fancy having to pop into accounts Monday morning for your p45 listen up. So this is How Not To Get Fired On Your Christmas Party!

Do Actually Go

Never looks good lads if you’re a no show. Better to be there to at least show face. And let’s be honest someone is bound to make a fool of themselves and you won’t want to miss that moment.

Never be the drunkest in the room

A rule of thumb in my book for any Christmas party. I’m not saying you can’t get drunk. You just don’t want to be that guy who somehow misplaces his trousers, end face down in a pile of his own sick or end up falling on top of a co worker.

You want to be the guy leading the sing song at the end of the night. And not this one adding some extra festive cheer to the Christmas punch.

Honestly, we do love her though…even if she does have those crazy eyes.

Talk about anything other than work

It’s a party lads and no one likes talking about work. Let alone the people you work with daily. Also you may be a little looser with your lips and tell someone what you actually think about their work. Advice, avoid work talk like the plague. Talk Christmasy stuff because it’s always a safe option. Or converse on important points for the night.

Not a Christmas person? Act like one for the night.

Most people aren’t fans of the Grinch or someone who just can’t stand Christmas. If your boss is a Christmas person this is a vital tip. Because for the sake of one night and who knows your job, lob on a Christmas jumper and load yourself with festive cheer, whiskey, and party the night away. Don’t go on to much about how Christmas has changed either!

Do not crack on to your co workers!

The term ‘don’t shit where you eat’ comes to mind lads. Also it works the other way. If someone starts cracking on to you. Run away fast or go to your nearest exit.

So there you have it lads, How Not To Get Fired On Your Christmas Party. Follow these simple tips and you should be fine!


Merry Christmas, folks!



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