How To Make It To Payday

How To Make It To Payday

How To Make It To Payday

It’s been a rough last few weeks and unless you’ve won the lotto recently you’re like myself. Planning on how to make it to payday. That means you’re trying to figure out how you’ll pay bills, feed yourself and get to work at the same time until that glorious pay day. It’s an emotional time and these are just some of the emotions you’ll experience on the pay day rollercoaster.



The Crippling Depression of Seeing Your Bank Balance

Just before Christmas you enjoyed a healthy looking balance and that was probably after picking up most of the presents your other half didn’t really care for. Even with the knowledge of previous holiday periods you thought ‘You’d have a quiet one’ and arrive in the new year ready to take on your resolutions.

However, you ended up on a series of sessions with a lock in thrown on top of that. The season of giving gripped hold of you and you bought so many shots for everyone. That bloody club accepting contactless has you now looking at your bank balance through a sea of tears. If the fear of going back to work wasn’t enough.


How The Hell Am I Going To Feed Myself

Right, if your Mam is only living up the road lads. I’d highly suggest moving back home until payday and allowing what every Irish mammy does best. Spoil her darling baby boy. This is the time to be proud to be a Mammy’s boy. She’ll keep you well fed for the month, probably make a packed lunch like when you were a kid and if she’s feeling generous do your laundry.

However, if you are living at the opposite end of the country you really only have 2 options. The first option is buying the cheapest of food to see you through until payday. I’m talking about 5 frozen pizzas for €1, the generic box of cereal with a character barely resembling the brand character and foods that in general are either cooked in the microwave, toaster, 20 mins in the oven or on a frying pan.


This may add to your already significant winter weight but once payday rolls round you can start eating healthier again and attacking whatever fitness craze has taken your fancy. Plus, the gyms are probably much quieter by then anyway.


The second option available if you’re trying to achieve your leaner self is to solely live on cheap cans of tuna for the next couple of weeks. Or look deep in the back of the cupboard for a can that is surely lurking there.


Admitting To Yourself ‘Dry January’ Is Just An Excuse For Being Broke 

Let’s be honest lads. The only reason you’re doing Dry January is because you’re too broke to head to the pub or on a proper night out. You know deep down come the latter end of this month you’ll need that money for something. Sooner you admit this to yourself the quicker you can get over the fear of missing out on a great session with the lads.


Googling Can You Live On Just Ketchup

When it’s it gets down to those last few days some of us can become desperate. You’ve already eaten all the pasta you’ve had stored away and the cupboards are looking barren. But you spot the ketchup in the fridge and google can you live on just ketchup.


Playing The Dangerous Fuel Gauge Game

If you walk or cycle to work daily then this isn’t really an issue for you. But if you commute daily by car this becomes a real worry for you. Petrol and diesel cost a bit and when you come close to payday you risk it. Driving with the yellow fuel light on. Driving on fumes as they say. Hoping you can make to work firstly so you actually deserve to get paid. Then, secondly, hoping you make it home and don’t get stranded on the side of the road. The nerves looking at that gauge.


So there you have it lads. Now that you know the emotions you’ll experience on the run up to payday. You can prepare yourself accordingly for it. It’s not that far to go and think how great February is going to be!



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