How To Spot The Euro 2016 Bandwagon Fan

How To Spot The Euro 2016 Bandwagon Fan

How To Spot The Euro 2016 Bandwagon Fan

Euro 2016 is well underway. Legions of fans have left these shores heading to France to cheer on our boys in green in Paris, Bordeaux and Lille. They’ll also be found on the streets, up against walls, in every pub. And the lads starting the sing song at the camp sites.

However, with every major sporting tournament the bandwagon fan pops up before going back into hibernation until the next major sports event is upon us. The bandwagon fan comes in many forms and is not restricted to one of the sexes. Women get in on the bandwagon action too. So to help we’ve put together a list so you know How To Spot The Euro 2016 Bandwagon Fan.

The Brand New Jersey

One of the easiest ways to spot a bandwagon fan among the die hard fans is the pristine new jersey they’ve just bought. If you look closely you might even still see the creases from where it was folded. A die hard Ireland fans’ jersey is a lighter shade of green. That’s from it being weather beaten from attending all the games in the run up to the tournament. Also a female bandwagon fan is easily spotted as she has the jersey tied up at the back, wearing tight jeans and has gone to extreme lengths to have matching shoes, earrings, headband, lipstick etc.

Not that die hard fans don’t buy a new jersey for the tournament but for the bigger occasions are able to pull out Ireland’s Italia 90 kit.italia-90


They Don’t Know What Group Ireland Are In

If you are going to jump on the bandwagon for the Euro’s you think you’d at least know what group we are in and who we are playing. We may not make it out of the group so that means all you need to know is the fifth letter of the alphabet and the 3 teams we’ll be playing.

If you start talking to someone who you believe to be a fan, and they can’t tell what group that Ireland are in. Tell them the bandwagon is waiting for you outside.

They Don’t Know Any Of The Players

Ok, Ireland may not have a huge amount of their squad playing in the premier league or in big teams that get huge exposure. They’re probably lacking a few characters from years gone by like McGrath, Keane, McAteer, Aldridge, Bonner and Houghton. But that doesn’t excuse you from not knowing the current crop of Ireland players. Like Robbie Keane, Coleman, O’Shea, Long, McClean and Walters.

If you come across someone you believe to be a bandwagon fan. Ask them to name more than 5 players. If they fail to do so or just say “Roy Keane” is the coach, then they’re definitely a bandwagon fan.

They Shout Generic Phrases At The TV

Alright before you think it, even die hard Ireland fans will scream ‘Offside’, ‘Penalty’. But I’m on about those really stupid comments that you feel the world was better off without. Like when a team scores and you hear “that puts us in the lead”…christ obviously! Or, “Ah, when HE goes down you know he’s hurt” or the one that irritates me is when you hear a bandwagon fan say “Well, goals wins games”.

They Don’t Keep Up To Date With Team News

I think we’ve all been in a bar when a bandwagon fan has asked, why isn’t such and such not starting. If he’d been following the tournament and not just showing up to watching Ireland’s games he’d have known that the player in question is injured or never even made the flight to the tournament in the first place.

They Are Also Conor McGregor Bandwagon Fans

Bandwagon fans hop on whatever bandwagon pulls up their way. These are the same fans that stayed up until stupid o’clock to watch McGregor’s fights after never watching a UFC event before in their lives. They are simply fans of who or whatever sport is popular that day.

Ufc Fan

They Know Zero Stats

Most die hard fans will know stats about the team that would give Jimmy Magee a run for his money. A bandwagon fan won’t have any. They might remember the score line of a major game. Like the Germany game but guaranteed he/she doesn’t know who played the ball to put Shane Long in. If you want to test them ask them how many goals Ireland have scored in previous Euro championships.

Find Out What Teams They Support, How Many And Reasons For Supporting Them

A simple question of asking who they support will swiftly determine if they’re a bandwagon fan or not. If they support the no.1 team at the moment that’s winning championships etc chances are they’re bandwagon fans. How many Leicester fans have you met recently?? But if they respond and talk about the hardship of supporting there team over the years they are genuine. You’ll see the pain in their eyes.

Wait And See If They Leave Early

This is one to keep an eye out for. Do they leave before the match is over. Die hard fans may know regardless of the score the result is never in doubt but stay to the final whistle to show their support. And sometimes moments of magic happen in those dying minutes of the game. The minutes the bandwagon fan decided to skip.


So there you have it. A few tips on how to spot the Euro 2016 Bandwagon Fan. Keep an eye out for the bandwagon fan at a sporting event or pub near you.



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