8 Interesting Facts Ahead of a Dublin Stag Weekend

8 Interesting Facts Ahead of a Dublin Stag Weekend

8 Interesting Facts Ahead of a Dublin Stag Weekend

So, you’ve decided on Dublin for your Stag Party weekend. Let us start by saying “Great Choice”. There are so many great pubs, clubs and activities to suit any type of group. So, you’re in for one hell of a rip roaring weekend. But before you pack your bags and cans. Here are 8 Interesting Facts Ahead of a Dublin Stag Weekend!

1. A vitally important fact for any Stag Party group is that Dublin has 772 pubs. Which is 1 pub for every 1649 people! Plenty of pubs to quench your thirst on the Stag!

2. The Brazen Head is Dublin’s oldest pub and was originally established as a coach house in 1198 AD. They have years of experience pouring a good pint so.

3. There are also 10 million pints of Guinness produced in Dublin daily. Challenge set for the weekend ahead maybe?

4. It’s estimated that 50% of Dublin city residents are under 25. Which means a very good party scene!

5. O’Connell Bridge is the only bridge in Europe that has the same width and length. You’ll have plenty of room to stumble over it after a few pints.

6. Dublin in old Irish translates to ‘Black Pool’.

7. There are original seats from Croke Park in Ned O’Sheas Pub. If you’re passing on the stag, pop in for a pint and picture of course.

8. And for those who are more fond of the oval ball. You can find original seats from Landsdowne road in the rooftop bar of O’Neills.

So, there you have it lads. 8 Interesting Facts Ahead of a Dublin Stag Weekend to wet your appetite. Who knows you may stumble across a few interesting facts on a pub crawl as there is so much to explore on a stag night in Dublin.

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