Killarney as a Stag Destination

Killarney as a Stag Destination

Planning a Stag Party? Why not try Killarney as a Stag Destination?


Killarney is always a great option for a brilliant Stag Night in the heart of Kerry. Killarney has a reputation for welcoming guests from around the world. It also comes with a fantastic selection in activities, bars, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Killarney is well equipped and experienced to handle Stag and Hen Parties with ease. This makes it one of Ireland’s most Stag Friendly locations.


As well as the favourite activities such as Paintball you will also have the amazing scenery of the area with it’s lakes and mountains, hosting surfing, kayaking, hill climbing or just taking in the views. Being a top tourist spot there’s nearly always something going on in Killarney. Killarney often hosts festivals, sports, carnivals or concerts, regattas, and horseracing. They even put on pretty special St Patrick’s Day and Christmas celebrations.


Accommodation as you can imagine is plentiful with a great range of B&Bs as well as a variety of self-catering and hotels to choose from that has something for everyone. This is a great location to make a weekend out of. However some peak times can be very busy. So book early and check out all options available to get the best value.


So this has been Killarney as a Stag Destination. For great deals on packages with accommodation, including all you need for a fantastic Stag Party visit where you’ll find deals, information, tips, Stag Party accessories and more!



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