The Most Likely Drinking Game

The Most Likely Drinking Game

The Most Likely Drinking Game

Let’s call a spade a spade here. On your stag party night and weekend you will at some point play a drinking game. Also most groups of lads like to slag each other. So join the two together and play the Most Likely drinking game to kick off your night.

The rules are simple. Always a good thing when you’ve had a few beers. Everyone sits in a circle with their drinks ready to go. As it’s the Stag Party weekend the groom goes first. He asks the group a ‘most likely’ question. Something like “Who’s the most likely to end up face down in a pool of their own vomit later?”.

Or “Who’s the most likely not to make it back to the accommodation on the Stag Night?”.

You could even ask “Who’s most likely to crack on to one of the bridesmaids on the big day?”.

You know your group better than we ever will. So make sure the questions catch out and embarrass a few lads.

So after the question has been asked. You count to three and all point at who you think is the most likely do whatever act was mentioned. You then take a drink for every finger pointed at you. So if the entire group points at you then you might need to crack open another drink.

This drinking game is brilliant craic lads and it’s a fantastic way to kick off a wild stag night out. It’s also a great ice breaker for lads that might not know each other. What better way to get to know someone then by having a few drinks with them. And learning what sort of shit they are likely to get up too.

So will you be playing “The Most Likely Drinking Game”?



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