Marriage Survival Kit

Marriage Survival Kit

Marriage Survival Kit




Every newlywed husband should have a Marriage Survival Kit and this is the perfect gift to present to the Groom at his Stag Party to help him along his way in married life.


There is no wrong thing to put into the Marriage Survival Kit, you can make it a mixture of fun and practical items.



A few items to include in the pack would be as follows:

  • A Calendar with the Happy Couples Wedding Anniversary, Brides Birthday and other important dates all marked on the Calendar
  • A voucher for a Restaurant or Spa Treatment to earn extra brownie points with his new wife
  • A spade to dig himself out of trouble
  • A doggie blanket for when he is in the dog house
  • A tea bag for when he is in hot water. And the very important white flag to surrender when having an argument

You can change things around and add your own twist to the Survival Kit to make it fun! For more great pranks, don’t forget to check out our Stag Pranks section!



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