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Why Location Matters

There are so many different locations that you can choose from for your stag party. Whether it’s in Ireland or abroad, the location can greatly affect the planning of the stag party as well as the party itself. From the total cost of the stag party, to the amount of activities and even the type of activities available to choose from, each location can have an adverse effect on how it makes one stag party differ from another. Here’s why location matters for a stag party.

Ease of Access

If a big city is your preferred spot then it’ll be easy enough to get there. But if a small town or village is your chosen location, it can lead to a bit more planning needed to find a way to get there. It can even affect the cost if you end up having to privately hire transport.


The location can really affect the amount of activities available as well as the type. From small towns having less activities when compared to big cities, and big cities not having something like a Booze Cruise, which may be available in a riverside town, the location really matters if you’re looking for a specific activity.


The main thing that the location affects is the cost. Everything from transport, accommodation, activities and even food and drink prices are all affected by the location. Big cities will charge more, smaller towns will more than likely charge less but won’t have as many options to choose from.


Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of a city or the traditional Irish craic that you’d find in a small town, it’s just another thing that the location choices can affect.


Accommodation greatly differs from place to place, not only in price but also in quantity and sometimes comfort. Big cities will have lots of hotels, whereas small towns might not have any hotels but instead have B’n’Bs or townhouses.

Food/Drink Spots

Food and drink spots can really be affected by the location. If you’re staying in a seaside town you could expect lots of seafood places in the area. Price is another thing affected because cities will charge higher prices whereas towns might charge a bit less for the same quality and quantity of food.


The location you choose is very important for all of the above reasons. Everything is affected simply by that single choice and it can even make or break a stag party. Check out our Stag Party packages now to find a location that suits your stag party. Likewise, you could check out the rest of our website which goes into detail on why certain areas are perfect for a stag party.



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