Olympic Rugby Drinking Game

Olympic Rugby Drinking Game

Olympic Rugby Drinking Game

The Olympic rugby drinking game is a fun game to play if you find that you are looking to add even more excitement to the Rugby at the Olympics this year!

Whether you are watching it in the pub or going to the lads house for a few beers, make sure to follow the rules that we have below for the ultimate Olympic rugby drinking game among the lads.


Take a sip when:

A player misses a shot.

A yellow card is handed out.

A streaker runs on to the pitch.

You see a tear (can be during the national anthem or from a fan when a player misses a shot).

Someone gives the ”this isn’t a football match” speech.

Take a chug when:

There’s an attractive female in the crowd.

Two commentators talk over each other.

The opposing team get a penalty.

You see a crazy fan in the crowd (usually dressed in a costume and wearing face paint).

A player is seen cursing.

Down your drink when:

A player is given a red card.

The channel switches to an ad break at a crucial moment.

You do the worst haka attempt out of the lads.

There’s an injured player.

The team you’re backing gets a try.

The referee calls the wrong player over to give him a card.

Any of the lads have to go to the toilet during the game.

Take a shot when:

A player gets a yellow card.

Unashamed bias from the commentator.

A conversion is scored.

You see the referee writing in his book.

A player misses a drop goal.

All you need to enjoy the Olympics.

You have no excuse not to watch the Rugby when the Olympics are on with these drinking rules under your belt. Try it for yourself to find out who is the ultimate alpha male among the lads.



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