One Night In Galway

One Night In Galway

One Night In Galway

Recently I had the pleasure of heading west for a night out in the fantastic Galway city. I never turn down the opportunity to visit Galway as you’re always guaranteed a great night out on the town.

It has something for everyone. It has late bars with great nucks, live music and the beautiful sound of conversation coupled with contagious laughter. If however you’re looking for a funky new trendy bar with all the latest hits followed by a crazy night in a club, Galway has that too.

The European capital of culture for 2020 was awarded to Galway. I know that seems far away but expect Galway to step it up a notch in the next few years as they prepare for it. That means more events happening, the already great pub scene getting a face lift, more exhibitions, and of course more stag party activities as the craft brewers in the west perfect their product for the incoming tourists. That means there will probably be more beer and whiskey tastings and that’s always a good thing in my book.

I checked into my hotel which on the map to most looks like it’s an age outside the city centre. It’s was no more than a 15 min walk. That walk also had plenty of watering holes along the way should I get thirsty. That’s one thing you’ll notice on a stag party in Galway is that your accommodation is always in walking distance of the main areas. Which is a blessing when you get out of the club and can’t wait to get to your bed.

Saturday night in Galway is a hive of activity. Street performers line each side of you as you make your way down Shop Street towards some of Galway’s well known bars. It was at this point, with the feel good atmosphere in the air and everyone enjoying a pint I decided to do a Facebook live video.

I thought a free pint and €20 would have been an inviting offer as I sat outside and watched stag parties, hen parties and weekend revelers go by. I hoped to add to their shenanigans for the night with a pint and €20. It would have gotten a round of shots in or another couple of pints. However, even though a few of you knew where I was, no one claimed the prize. The free pint did taste great though. We might have to try it again…maybe (I won’t lie though lads, I thought someone might just rob it off the table and do a runner).

It was then off for a night of messing and seeing how much punishment my liver could take. I ventured further into the brilliant Latin Quarter in Galway. I found a late bar where the Live music on show was just brilliant. The place was rocking. The drinks were flowing and I bumped into a few stag parties that were appreciating the craic Galway was delivering. I also think the groom was thankful of the Galway weather that night, with what the lads had him dressed up in.

Onto the club then, which was only a short walk thankfully, when I decided shots should be my only drink for the rest of the night. Safe to say the rest of my night didn’t last that long. I left the club looking like a new born baby giraffe on my feet. Before I knew it I was standing in the queue for some food in Supermacs. A Galway tradition in it’s own right.

I enjoyed my food on the stroll back to the hotel and I was out for the count. Luckily I wasn’t on a stag night otherwise I was a prime and easy target for a stag party prank.

I woke up fresher then I expected and what a feeling that is. After I enjoyed a fry up in the hotel it was back into Galway to soak up as much of the good vibes Galway has to offer. I took a spin out to Salthill to see if I was brave enough to jump off the diving board. Unfortunately the tide was out and I didn’t fancy a trip to A&E by jumping in. Back into the city centre and to watch all those who were suffering more than I. All while I enjoyed a coffee.

The hum of activity, music, restocking of the pubs and the comings and goings of people just makes you want to continue on from where you left it last night. Galway just sucks you in and you just don’t want the party to stop. I sat there wishing I had organised to stay 2 nights.

Galway is a brilliant stag party weekend. No matter how many times you go, each night out is different bringing with it different stories, characters and laughs. It will be an unforgettable stag party weekend and brilliant place for any grooms last night of freedom. So what are you waiting for…get yourself on a Galway stag party!

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