Our 10 Best Stag Party Dares

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So you’re looking for a list of dares that you and the lads can take part in on the stag party? Well, we’ve come up with a list of our 10 Best Stag Party Dares. In no particular order, the following are dares that are sure to bring plenty of laughs to the stag party and will put the person doing the dare in an awkward situation. So let’s get into each dare and how it works.


The Dares

1. Let’s Be A Superhero

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives we all wanted to be superheroes. Well, now you can. All you have to do is wear your boxers over your jeans and away you go. Bonus points if they’re briefs!


2. The Boring Pick-up

So with this one all you have to do is chat up a random female in the bar and try to get her number. The catch? Well, you have to make yourself sound as boring as possible. You have just 5 minutes to seal the deal so tick tock lads!


3. Protect the President

One of our favourites. Have everyone in on this one except for the Groom. All you’ve got to do is decide on someone who’ll shout “Protect the President”, and when he does you must all tackle the Groom to the ground to protect him from the invisible enemies.


4. The Top Swap

This one might be tricky. You’ve got to find a random girl around the bar and ask her to swap tops with you. Someone on a Hen party would be a good place to start.


5. The Dance Teacher

Enlist three students and teach them how to line dance. It’s even funnier if you don’t know how to line dance.


Here are the second half!


6. The Bearded Confession

If there’s a bearded man in your group (chances are there will be) then he has to find a random stranger and tell them “I used to hate my beard, but then it grew on me.”


7. The False Nickname

The group must come up with a nickname for you other than the one you may already have. Then you’ve got to make up a story as to how you got that nickname and tell the story to a stranger.


8. “I Swear I’m From France!”

Put on a French accent and convince the nearest stranger that you’re from France for 5 minutes.


9. Busker Duet

If you find a busker on your travels, you must sing a song with him or her. Now’s your time to shine.


10. “I’ll Have A Diet Water, Please.”

When ordering your food ask for a diet water. If the waiter or waitress looks at you funny just say “it’s the one with no sugar in it”.


So there you have it. Our Best Dares for the Stag Party!




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