Our Top 4 Stag Party Pranks

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Our Top 4 Stag Party Pranks

 Us lads and our pranks… Pulling a prank on the Groom at his stag party has long been tradition and is almost expected to happen on every stag party these days. It’s pretty much our job to keep that tradition going so let’s live up to that job! Here’s our top 4 pranks that you can pull on the stag party.


  • Dress Him Up

 One of the best and easiest ways to pull a prank on the groom is to embarrass him and make him feel out of place. Dressing him up in a wig with something like a luminous tutu, matching socks and T-shirt will achieve this goal well. Leave him out of the loop on the plan until it’s too late. Then whip the outfit out at the start of the night. Make sure he ends the night still rocking the getup. Alternatively, plan to head to the accommodation to freshen up before you head out. Then while he’s in the shower, hide his clothes and replace them with the new outfit.

  • The Snickers Bar

 So this one is a bit disgusting and it’ll be a great laugh for everyone but the groom. The basic idea behind it is this: melted chocolate, caramel and nuts all leading to one big mess in the groom’s boxers. It requires two things. One, being that the groom needs to be out cold after his night out. And two, being his roommate needs to be in on it and record his reaction when he wakes up. The roommate will wait until the groom is fast asleep and place a Snickers bar down the back of the groom’s boxers. We’re sure you can imagine the aftermath when he wakes up the next morning!

  • Fake Tattoo

 This one is a prank on the Bride, and requires the Groom to be in on it. At some point along the night, the Groom drunkenly decides to get a tattoo (preferably on either his face or his neck) and he arrives home to a disgusted fiancée. Little does she know that the tattoo is fake and will wash off after a few scrubs (which she’ll want to do herself). He might be in the doghouse for a while after, but she will eventually see the funny side of it.

 With so many prank ideas you could choose from, the possibilities are endless. But these are our top 4 picks. We feel they’re all meant in a respectful (of everyone’s feelings) but very fun way. As long as nobody gets hurt either physically or emotionally then it’s got our seal of approval! Have fun, get creative and put your own twist on one of these choices.

 Top tip: don’t do anything that can come back to haunt the Groom once he arrives back home


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