Our Top 5 Stag Party Games

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Our Top 5 Stag Party Games

When compared to hen parties, the list of games to play on a stag party is a lot smaller, with most of them being drink related. But drinking isn’t the only way to have fun on a stag party and we’re about to show you other ways. Games can be a great addition to the party so let’s get to it. Here are our top 5 stag party games!

Beer Pong

Okay, okay…at least one of these has to be a drinking game, right? Beer Pong is a game where you have to set up a triangle of cups on either end of a long table and pour some drink into each cup (half full to avoid anyone getting too drunk too soon) and the opponent on the other end of the table has to throw a ping pong ball into one of the cups. If he succeeds, the guy whose cup it is has to drink from that cup. The winner is the one who clears out all of the other side’s cups first.

Mr. President

This one is just for laughs and it can bring a lot of them! The aim of this game is to basically protect the groom at all costs from those pesky unknown assailants. When the best man puts his finger to his ear and shouts “secure the President” everyone has to jump on the groom to keep him safe. It works best if you keep the groom out of the loop so that he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

Stranger Danger

This is another simple but effective idea. The aim is to have each guy try to chat up a random girl at some stage over the course of the night. The catch? He has to drop his charming act and pretend to be as boring as possible, but he has to try to keep her chatting for 5 mins. If he wins, he gets a pat on the back. If he loses…well, we’ll get to that part…


Knickers is a hilarious game that’ll get all eyes on someone as they walk into each bar. Each time the groom sits down on the ground, everyone must join him. The last person to sit down has to wear knickers over their pants in the next bar. The flip side of this is that if no one sits down with the groom then he’s the one that has to wear the knickers.

Wax Strip

This one is the game after the game in a sense. So each game will have a few losers, but what should be done with those losers? Well, that’s where wax strips come in. Each loser has to get a random girl in the bar to stick a strip to some part of his body and rip it back off. Sounds fun, right? It is…unless you’re the one it’s being done to.


So there we have it! Our top 5 games for a stag party, and each one is as good as the one before it. Playing a game on the stag party is a great way to lighten the atmosphere up and it can put everyone in a great mood. We definitely recommend that you try at least one of these games for your stag party!



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