Palm Tree Drinking Game

Palm Tree Drinking Game

Palm Tree Drinking Game

The reason the Palm Tree Drinking Game is so good is that no one wants to lose. Regardless where you decide to go on a stag, be it Galway, Carrick on Shannon, Belfast or even Tralee, no one wants to lose at this game. It has all the great characteristics of any good drinking game. It’s simple, it involves copious amounts of drink and it has a huge suspense level.

You’ll need more than two people to play this stag party drinking game. To begin with drop a pint glass smack bang in the middle of the table. Every person on the stag then fills it with some their own drink or drink of their choice. If there is a lot of you, maybe get a pitcher or at least a double pint glass. The idea of this is to create a dirty pint. The worse the better.

Grab a deck of cards. All stag parties should always bring a deck of cards. Create a ring around the dirty pint glass out of the cards. Each guy on the stag party takes turns to pick a card, turn it over and place it on top of the pint glass. If the card is red, that person has to drink their own can/drink. If the card is black, they’re safe and it moves on the the next guy.

So if the player before you is safe and you then turn over a red card. You must drink their drink plus your own drink. This can steam roll after a few black cards meaning some poor fella could end up with a long line of drinks to down.

At this point you’re probably asking what is the story with the palm tree? After each move the card is place on top of the pint, but the card must have at least 2 corners showing. It’s basically like a card version of jenga that brings an added suspense to the game. Should someone knock all the cards, they must down the dirty pint!

So will you be playing the Palm Tree Drinking Game?



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