6 Ways To Stag Party

6 Ways To Stag Party

6 Ways To Stag Party

There is no greater feeling than hearing that one of your mates is having a stag party. Oh and it’s nice to hear he’s found the love of his life, the wedding, blah blah blah. But, when you hear those two glorious words “Stag Party” you aren’t really concerned with anything else. The anticipation, the excitement, the sheer volume of beer and alcohol makes you wish you could go on a stag every weekend.

When the stag weekend finally arrives you’ll have a few options available to you. These options are all about how you plan on Stag Partying! Slightly confused, not sure what I mean about how to Stag Party. Well here are the 6 Ways To Stag Party!

1. Conservative Stag Partier

I don’t care which stag party you go on their is always one Conservative Stag Partier. This fellow, also known as Johnny Dry Balls, has come on the stag with the intention of having as little craic as possible. He’ll be resistant to wearing any sort of costume, possibly be wearing beige chinos, against pranks being played on the groom, and will be adverse to any type of shots! He’ll return from the stag weekend ‘fresh’ and ‘invigorated’. This is one way to Stag Party? Do you want to be this guy?

2. Cocky and Energetic Stag Partier

If you could bottle this guys energy and cockiness up you’d put Red Bull out of business. It’s like the adrenaline in his body is always pumping. He’s been on plenty of stags. Knows how they all go. Is a seasoned drinker and is about to school the newbies in the group. A master of stag party drinking games and knows every pub game like the back of his hand. He’ll be up all night, bouncing of the walls and ensuring everyone is having a great time. That could be either on the activity, or in the pub and club. Some say he’s the life and soul of the stag! Will you stag party this way?

3. The Beginner Stag Partier

For some this may be their first ever stag. A glorious moment really. Fresh faced and naive to the goings on of a stag party. He thinks he knows and feels he is up for the shenanigans that are to come. He’ll start strong with a huge flurry of pints, shots, cocktails and questionable dance moves in the club. However, his time in the club will be short lived. He’ll either get to the point where he’s too drunk to carry on, needs to go home and leave of his own accord. Or, the bouncer will tell him. If this is your first stag party, pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s all day all night session for the weekend.

4. The Groom Stag Partier

If you happen to be the groom on the stag party then you’ll be enjoying the stag a whole different way.

So, there you have it lads. The 6 Ways To Stag Party, which one are you?

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