Halloween Beers For The Stag

Halloween Beers For The Stag

Halloween Beers For The Stag

Halloween is for many one of their favourite holidays. It’s a bank holiday which is always great but it also allows us to rekindle our youth with dressing up. If you’ve booked your stag party for the Halloween weekend no doubt you are dressing up. A stag party costume is essential at this time of the year. If however if you want to fully emmerse yourself in a Halloween stag party then here are the Halloween Beers For The Stag!

Beer and Stag Parties go together like Trick and Treat! So it’s only right that you enjoy a few fine ales on a Halloween stag. We’ve complied a hellish list of frightful beers for you to sink your fangs into this Hallows Eve. Let us know what you think.

Blood of the Unicorn 6.5%

This primarily a red ale from the Pipeworks Brewing Co. in Chicago. But it’s more of a blood red for all those stag dressed as vampires this Halloween. It’s made up of four different types of hops. However there is a fresh taste off the beer that masks the 6.5% alcohol percentage. A must for all those Halloween mad stags. Get in contact with your local craft beer specialist for this one!

Ichabod 4.5%

No Halloween beer list would be complete with out a Pumpkin Beer! This ale combines malted barley with real pumpkin. There is also some cinnamon and nutmeg thrown in to the mix. The New Holland Brewing Co. make this beer and is one to try after dinner with a dessert.

Sorachi Red 5.1%

Because were are on the Halloween theme for beers. It’s only right that a werewolf make an appearance. The Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co. beer ‘Sorachi Red’ is a hoppy Blood red ale which is perfect for Halloween. This beer has malty, caramel and chocolate tones. This is a really tasty beer that will treat you rather than trick you and have you howling for more on Halloween like a real werewolf!

Pumpkin Brew

Another Irish Halloween beer comes from the lads in Trouble Brewing. They produce this seasonal beer call Pumpkin Brew which is a spiced beer made with real home-grown pumpkins. Keep an eye out for this one as you make your way to past your off licence in a Zombie like fashion around mid October.

XS Dead Guy Ale 9%

Freak out your friends out with this dark strong beer because that’s what Halloween is about. This beer comes in a black opaque swing-top bottle. This beer has a deep hoppy taste, from a dungeon maybe, and has spicy finish. Goes great with Pork or anything spicy that might heat you up on a cold Halloween night. Ask your local off licence for this Rogue Ales sinister 9% beer.

So there you have it. A few Halloween Beers For The Stag that finds itself venturing into town this Halloween weekend!

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