How to Plan the Perfect Stag Party

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We know how important it is to get the stag party down to exactly how the lads and Groom will like it, and it’s not always easy. From making sure everything fits into everyone’s budget to making sure everyone is having a good time, it can be a bit of a headache to sort the planning stage. But rest assured because we’ve got a few tips and guidelines on how to get everything as close as possible to being perfect. Here’s how to the plan the perfect stag party!


So Here’s How To Plan The Perfect Stag!


We think the first thing you should tackle is the location. If you’re close to the Groom then you’re probably going to know some of the places he likes and doesn’t like. Use this to your advantage! On the other hand you could always just do some research on where other stag parties go and head to one of the hotspots.



When the antics are over and it’s time to hit the hay, you’re going to need a few beds to sleep in. Find a budget accommodation that’s not too far away from the fun stuff to make everything flows really nicely.



Whether it’s far away from home or nearby, you’re going to need some form of transport to make sure everyone gets from A to B together and safely. On one hand you’ve got public transport that goes to all of the big cities and towns. On the other hand you’ve got the option to privately hire a bus.



That’s where the numbers come in. Find out who the Groom will want at the stag party. Then set up a WhatsApp/Snapchat/Facebook group. It’ll be a quick way to let everyone know the plan, and to find out who’s going and who isn’t. Ask for deposits at the beginning to secure places and to avoid any problems with expenses later on.


But wait, there’s more on how to plan the perfect stag!


Have some funny games planned for the night. Talk in a French accent or have a game of beer pong. Maybe even Battleshots! Get creative.



Activities can be a great way to break the ice for the people on the stag party who’ve never met before. It can get everyone working and bonding together and can also add a lot of fun!



One of the final and most important parts of planning the perfect stag party is the budget. Not everyone can afford a flashy lads holiday to Vegas. Be inclusive of everyone’s financial requirements when it comes to the planning. If the Groom wants them there then it’s your job to make sure that you at least try to make that happen.



This has been How To Plan The Perfect Stag!



Planning the stag party doesn’t have to be a headache. We hope this guide can help you to avoid that headache. When it comes to people and parties, you can never please everyone no matter what you do, but if you can please the majority then you’re onto a winner!


Good luck with the planning. And remember to check out our Stag Party Packages which will cover most of these points for you.



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