Stag Do’s In Ireland – The Top 5 Planning Tips

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Stag Do’s In Ireland – The Top 5 Planning Tips

If you’re looking too organise a Stag that all of the lads are sure to remember and want a few tips that could Help, then look no further. This is our Stag Do’s in Ireland- The Top 5 Planning Tips.



Location, location, location. Where you decide on going for your stag is essentially the most important aspect of organising a Stag night out. You need to consider what all of the guys would enjoy as well as yourself. You must decide on wether you want to keep it local or get adventurous and go for an overnight Stag.


Book Accommodation

Once you’ve decided on the perfect spot, next step is to book the accommodation. Make sure you get this done plenty of time. Take into account your budget, that will determine wether you want to stay in a hotel, hostel or B and B. Remember, the closer to the party location the better.


Pick Activity

Time to make a decision on whether you want to hit the town and party all night in the clubs or do something more active and outdoorsy. Pick something that you and the guys are into and you know everyone will enjoy.


Collect The Money

A vital part of the Stag organising process. It can be tough to round up all of the money off the lads so make sure you assign this task to the big man of the group. The last thing you want to have to do, is reach into your own pocket to bail people out.


Make Sure The Groom Turns Up

If theres one thing that you need to put above all else in terms of Stag night essentials, this is it. If there’s no groom, there’s no Stag. Just make sure you give him plenty of notice. Usually the Best Man is put in charge of this task. So keep that in mind before you wind up with a Groom-less Stag!



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