Why You Should Have A Stag Party Abroad

Why You Should Have A Stag Party Abroad

Why You Should Have A Stag Party Abroad

Ireland is a brilliant place to have a stag party weekend. But sometimes you fancy heading on a stag party weekend safe in the knowledge you won’t bump into someone you know being very drunk and wearing less material than a well worn mankini. So here’s just a few reasons why you should have a stag party abroad!

No One Knows Who You Are

One of the advantages of having a stag party abroad is anonymity. You’ll rest easy knowing that whatever street you walk down you won’t have anyone recognise you in the god awful outfit the lads make you wear. Be honest, if someone saw you in this outfit, it would be permanently burnt into their head!

Beer Is Cheap

Depending on where you go in Europe the prices of beer will vary. The price of pint is an important thing for any stag. If you head to Prague you’ll be able to enjoy the local beer for about quarter the price of pint in Ireland. So for all those looking at pull an all day and all night session. This won’t break the bank.

Clubs Stay Open All Night

Staying with the night life scene. You’ll be happy to know that clubs in places like Prague stay open all night. There’s no last call or a sudden turning on off the lights. You literally party and drink until you can’t anymore. Then you’ll stroll outside to an awaiting taxi and catch a few hours sleep before doing it all again. You’re on a stag weekend remember so no rest for the wicked.

The Stag Party Activities

So, there are some stag party activities you simply can’t do in Ireland. On a stag party abroad we can organise driving a tank, jelly wrestling, Jousting, Bobsledding, Cross country skiing and even a Parachute jump in a wind tunnel. I mean if they don’t spark some interest in having a stag party abroad I don’t know what will.

The Weather

Let’s face it lads. One of the benefits of having a stag party abroad is the weather places like the Algarve, Barcelona, Benidorm and Marbella all have significantly more sunshine hours than Ireland. You get to enjoy a huge range of activities in gorgeous weather, relax on the beach, and even enjoy a few beers poolside. Because who doesn’t love a cold beer in the sun.

Finally, if you’re interested in a stag party abroad call us on 051390383. Alternatively you can email us on for more details. You can also find more information on our packages page.


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