Stag Party Costumes for 2019

Stag Party Costumes for 2019

Stag Party Costumes for 2019

I’ve always been a fan of going with costumes on a Stag Party weekend. Now I know some lads hate it but it does get everyone in the mood for a stag party weekend full of messing. So, I’ve put together some of my favourite dress up ideas and Stag Party Costumes for 2019.

Party Animals

What were your party animal days like? Are they ongoing or are memories hazy? The Party Animal costume theme is one to remember. Get each member of your stag party to wear a onesie that is themed like there favourite animal. Lions, tigers, bears – etc! This theme has loads of comedic effect. Whether you are planning a night out or a few rounds of laser tag, seeing your best man dressed as a monkey or a bunny will never get old.

Wheres Wally

Wheres Wally’s outfit is iconic and instantly recognisable. Perfect for the stags who are on an adventure somewhere new. A gang of Wally’s on tour playing some high level hide and seek? Or trying to confuse a load of drunk people in a pub or club of which wally they were talking too. It’s an easy costume to put together. But if you think you’ll have any hassle getting in anywhere, whip the glasses off and throw on a jacket.

Super Heroes

Whether the grooms super power is providing moral support through hangovers that have shaken the earth, downing a pint in 0.5 seconds or both – he will be all about owning up to his super hero status on his stag night. Put on those masks and capes, go out and save the day! Let your inner nerd out and dress as your favourite super hero, or stick to a basic capes and mask combo. Try racing around in a hover craft like the retro futuristic super heroes from the old comics!

Finally lad, if you don’t fancy the whole dressing up thing as a group. Just make the stag do it. It’s his stag at the end of the day. So everyone should know it’s his last night of freedom and he should be dressed ridiculously.

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