Stag Party Etiquette


Stag Party Etiquette

 The Stag Party is seen as the Groom’s last big night out with the lads before he ties the knot. It’s one of the Groom’s biggest moments in the build up to the wedding. It’s meant to be a lot of fun for all involved but sometimes the stag party can go a bit too far. The lines can get blurred on what is acceptable. So we’re about to tell you how to avoid that from happening and to guarantee that the night goes off with a bang! This is our Stag Party Etiquette.

  • Know the limits

 Whether it’s a playful prank or a trip to a strip club, it’s important to remember that the Groom has his future wife waiting at home for him. It’s perfectly fine to do these things but it’s important to stay between the lines. If you’re asked to attend the Stag Party then it’s safe to assume that you know the Bride’s temperament. So take this into account. Stay respectful of everyone and remember that some of the lads on the Stag Party are family members. 

  • Keep the craic (and drinks) flowing

 This is seen as the Groom’s last big night out for a reason. Try to give him the best night possible by including some activities, keeping the laughter at a high. Keep the drinks flowing so that everyone gets a bit merry and enjoys their time.

  • Pay for the Groom’s expenses

 He might be perfectly capable of paying for his own part in the Stag Party. However,  it would be a nice touch if everyone could make it a free night for him to enjoy. He’ll be very grateful and you’ll all win some serious brownie points.

  • Look out for each other

 Nobody wants to babysit at a Stag Party, but it’s also nice to take care of each other and leave no man behind when moving from place to place, especially the Groom. You don’t have to do a head count, but try to keep track of the usual faces.

  • Book the Stag Party weeks/months in advance of the wedding

 You’ll want to make sure that everyone is as fresh as a daisy for the Wedding Day. So, make sure to book the stag party well in advance of the wedding. Not only will it help to avoid everyone looking like zombies, but it’ll also help to avoid any financial stress and it’ll keep the Bride happy too.

  • Book some activities

 Yeah, the stag party is probably going to be one big drinking session, but it’s also a chance to have some extra fun and do something new. Maybe try some paintballing, zip-lining or even some bubble soccer to add some extra laughs. Every Stag Party is different and that’s because there is no set etiquette on what to do. Taking note of this list is a great way to make sure it all goes to plan and everyone has a very enjoyable time on the Stag Party. The main thing to remember is to have some fun and to give the Groom and everyone else a night to remember!



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