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The Stag has been and will always be seen as a right of passage that all grooms have to go through. What gets the stag through it is that he knows he’ll have his turn to shame and catapult one of his best friends into a drunken haze and see him make a fool of himself. These are our Stag Party Tips.

The aim of any stag is to have a good time. But you also need to stay on the right side of the law and your fiancé. So here are a few Stag party tips and rules to help make sure you come back in one piece and have some money for the rest of the month.

1. Know your limits.

Let’s be honest, stag parties tend to make normally professional smart men go nuts with the sole intent of the weekend to get absolutely legless. I’d do the exact same but remember there is only so many shots someone can take before you see it all re-emerge on the dance floor or all over the bar.

2. Leave the Visa at home.

Chances are you’ve probably spent a decent amount of money to cover travel, accommodation and ‘activities’. Unless you’re rolling in it, take out a reasonable amount of money and leave the visa at home. Last thing you want is to look into your wallet, see no cash, and hand over the card. Boom! A tab starts and your inner celebrity comes out and you start ordering every expensive drink you can think of. Champagne? Grey Goose? Yes I’ll have both. No one likes finding receipts the morning after, contemplating another credit union loan or how you’re going to explain this to the fiancé.

3. Leave No One Behind.

This goes with out saying to be fair. No matter how bad a state your mates get in, and they will, you don’t leave anyone behind. If you’re friends are anything like mine, hit the gym as you may have to carry one of them or have a list of bribes to entice them back to your accommodation. You’ll be hungover the next day more than likely, and starting a missing persons search will not be something you want to do.

So you have a particular friend who has a penchant for disappearing on a night out? Well then handcuff him to someone for the night. And as they always say safety in numbers.

4. Leave the Phone at home.

Technology is great. But as you’re about to revert into a cave man style demeanour with your friends, it’s best to leave the phone at home. This will avoid stupid photos and posts on social media. Oh and those inappropriate texts to people in the early hours of the morning, too. Write down your accommodation address and put it in your wallet and enjoy the night fully.

5. Don’t Damage yourself or others.

Drinking can lead to doing stupid things. Take a minute and think about climbing up something and jumping off it. I know your lost calling was probably as a member of jackass. But those lads got paid and didn’t have a wedding coming up.

6. Say Nothing & Deny Everything.

What happens on tour stays on tour. If all the lads stay to this code of conduct the stag weekend will be a fantastic funny memory between friends.




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