Stag Party: What Not To Do

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We all know Stag Parties have a reputation for being wild and great fun. We’ve all heard stories of the antics that the lads can get up to on Stag Parties, but sometimes those stories go a bit too far. Nobody wants to be remembered for being ‘That Guy’ on a Stag Party so we’ve come up with a few things to avoid. These will make sure you stay on the right side of the stories. So here’s What Not To Do on a Stag Party.


What Not To Do – Getting Too Drunk

Drinking is one of the main steps in most Stag Parties and it’s sometimes an all-day thing. But drinking all day isn’t for everyone and there’s always that one guy that gets too drunk too early in the night – sometimes even in the day time. This is definitely something you should try to avoid because nobody wants to be a babysitter on a Stag Party. Pace yourself and you’ll be absolutely fine.


Going Overboard On The Expenses

We all want to have the most fun that we possibly can, right? But sometimes people think that to have the most fun you have to spend more money. That’s not always true. We see it all the time! Sometimes the Stag Parties that keep things nice and simple are the ones that have the most fun. Think about it this way…more expense could be a reason for one of your best mates to miss out on the Stag Party. It wouldn’t be the same without him.


Putting The Groom In A Spot

Pranks are always a fun idea for a Stag Party but sometimes they can cross the line. It’s perfectly fine to pull a prank on the Groom but remember that he has a fiance to go home to.


What Not To Do – Having The Stag Party The Night Before The Wedding

This is definitely something you’ll want to avoid! Having the Stag Party the night before the Wedding is a recipe for disaster. You need the Groom to be nice and fresh for his Wedding Day. Book the Stag Party well in advance of the Wedding to make sure this is the case. Not only will it be good for him, but the rest of the Stag Party group as well. The Stag Party and Wedding would be a big financial hit if they were too close together.


Being Loud Or Disrespectful

Lads, a key thing to remember on the big night is that a large group of men arriving to a venue together can be intimidating. It might even stop you from getting into bars or nightclubs if the bouncers think you could be messy. Be mindful of how you’re all acting and the night will go a lot smoother.


So lads, these are tips on what not to do for the Stag. The Stag Party will definitely be a lot of fun because you and the lads will have a great night out/weekend away. So remember to avoid these things to make sure it’s the most fun it can possibly be.



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