The Dream Stag Party

The Dream Stag Party

Ever since the movie ‘The Hangover’ hit our cinemas in 2009, guys have been in search of a stag party weekend that will live up to what the wolfpack had. This got me thinking what about the dream stag party I’d have if I had an unlimited amount of money.

A dream stag party involves picking a top destination, brilliant travel arrangements, accommodation, famous group of lads, the ultimate celebrity line-up that you hope to bump into.

The Stag Party Group.

Picking who comes on the stag party can be tricky enough. But it can even harder when choosing 5 famous friends to bring with you. All of them will bring there own special trait which will lead to a night of carnage. First on my list would be Robert Downey Jr, who doesn’t want to party with Ironman and this wild child. I’d bring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson too. He seems like a good laugh and can be our muscle should any trouble kick off. He can use the people’s elbow! If he were still alive I’d bring Robin Williams, for his sheer madness! You would definitely be in for a laugh with this guy. He may be a bit older than every one in the group but Jack Nicholson. Now that’s a man that knows how to party and has been partying long before I was born. And lastly would be Charlie Sheen, to really make sure the night is a crazy one.


The Destination.

There a few top destinations that spring to mind. There’s South Beach Florida where you can party in style with a few rappers. Or you might fancy Mardi Gras in New Orleans and have a killer stag party on Bourbon street. There is always the Big Apple and partying Manhattan. There is also the option of some fun in the sun in Cancun Mexico, there rules are a bit more lax. But let’s be honest the one that sticks out in the mind is Las Vegas. I think it’s because the city lends itself to going absolutely bat shit crazy, with casinos, strip clubs, pubs, clubs and it’s all out in the desert.


The Travel Arrangements

Organising the dream travel arrangements will probably be the easiest thing about the dream stag party. Helicopter from wherever you live to the airport, where you’re own private jet is waiting full stocked with food and more alcohol than an Irish wedding. The private jet then would only have the most beautiful air hostesses, who will be serving drinks throughout the flight and basically being an enabler for your new alcohol addiction that you acquired at 35,000 ft. On arrival in our destination, a limo will bring us to the accommodation in style. The limo will definitely have blacked out windows, as no one needs to condition we’d be in on arrival.


The Accommodation

There’s no getting away from it, but if you had the choice, you know you’d go for a penthouse suite overlooking the city! A touch of class in what will be, and already is, a messy night.


The Celebrity Line-Up You’d Like To Meet

Like on any great stag party weekend, you will meet some great characters on your night out and pub crawl. Usually you’re drunk, they’re drunk so you get on better then you would any other time. With this in mind, thinking of the celebrities I’d like to meet on the night out, there a few names that spring to mind. Colin Farrell, Mickey Rourke, Seth McFarlend, Mark Wahlberg and Jerermy Piven. I think any these guys would add to a great night out! But it’s your choice at the end of the day

This is a dream stag party and the sky is the limit. But one thing it will definitely do is make for a great topic of conversation down the pub.

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