The Five People you will meet on St. Patrick’s Day

The Five People you will meet on St. Patricks Day

The Five People you will meet on St Patrick’s Day

Oh, St. Patrick’s day – you great, green ferocious beast. We have lived through many years of you and encountered you in every shape and form. From the college days of knocking back green shots, to the years we have abstained from your green glory largely due to the fear of what ensued the year previous – St. Patrick’s Day, you are part of us and we are part of you. This list is of the five people you will meet on St Patrick’s Day, you may have been in their shoes once upon a time.

The Pint Man

They don’t go at it often but when they do they go at it awful and very hard. The pint man is out for one reason and one reason alone : to drink a very long and steady stream of pints at the bar. These men seem as if they actually eat roast dinners, ham sandwiches and pints for a living.

Someone who had work the next day

They will tell you. It will be the first thing they say to you. You will be told instantly. They have work in 5 hours. Can you believe it!? Yes, you can – because we have all been there! Maybe offer them a pint of water at some stage. They might pour it over their head instead of drinking it but sure, it’s Paddy’s day after all.

The guy who started way too early

The excitement can be hard to contain for some lesser experience St. Patrick’s day punters. They might have ‘Irished-up’ that morning coffee a little too much, in the spirit of things and gotten carried away. This person doesn’t last very long. They will be in a taxi home before the sun sets.

The Tourist

You might hear them screaming about their Irish Ancestry at the back of the bar, or hidden behind a large map walking up and down the street. Point them in the direction of a large bar full of other tourists so that they feel at home amongst the other selfie sticks and bum bags.

The person wearing too much green

How much green is too much on St. Patrick’s day!? Some may say you can have to much and this is true to an extend. From cheeky slogans to glittery leprechauns, the awful Paddy’s day garb has is not without its charms.



So whether you are a Patrick’s Day veteran or a newb who has it all ahead of them, you are bound to bump into the five people you will meet on St. Patrick’s Day journey. Which one will you be this year? Or are the events of last year still haunting you?! Brave the parade and get a pint in! St. Patrick’s Day only happens once a year.

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