Top 10 Foreign Destinations for a Stag Party

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Ireland offers some great locations for stag parties to travel to and have a great time, but just because Ireland might have invented the craic doesn’t mean it’s the only place the craic can be had. Other countries also have fantastic spots that are just a flight away and because of that we’ve compiled a list of our top ten top foreign stag destinations to go outside of Ireland, all offering different things. All you need to do is book a few days off work and have some fun! So, in no particular order, let’s get to the list. Here are our Top 10 Foreign Destinations for the Stag Party.



Our Top Foreign Stag Destinations

1. Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is one of the most popular stag party hotspots in Europe and for good reason! It’s also one of our top foreign stag destinations! The city practically never sleeps, with bars that stay open until 4am and clubs staying open until 6am.


2. Liverpool (UK)

The Irish are loved in Liverpool. Flights are relatively cheap if you book them well in advance, and the nightlife is something else!


3. Benidorm (Spain)

Take in a bit of sun as you travel to Benidorm, one of Spain’s biggest party areas for your stag party. Sit by the pool as you have a few drinks or hit up some of the many bars and clubs.


4. Albufeira (Portugal)

Soak up some of the Portuguese sun as you and the lads take in a round of quad biking, or maybe even take in some fresh air as you go parasailing out at sea.


5. Glasgow (UK)

Glasgow is a great city for any party! The nightlife is packed with nightclub after nightclub and the craic is always dialled up to 11 in Glasgow.


…and now for the second half!


6. Algarve (Portugal)

You’ll get some of that Portuguese sun here again as you do some fun activities, eat some delicious food and then party the rest of the night away before you hit the hay to do it all again the day after. Another one of our top foreign stag destinations. Eden Resort Algarve is a prime location!


7. Newcastle (UK)

Quickly climbing the ranks to become the top stag party destination in the UK, Newcastle has some of the most fun-filled nightlife, which was made famous by Geordie Shore. The Six Rooftop Restaurant is a fantastic restaurant!


8. Marbella (Spain)

Marbella offers some amazing activities on both land and sea which guarantee a great time will be had. You can take in some of the Spanish sun as you and the lads party on and have mighty craic!


9. Cardiff (UK)

The capital city of Wales has a fantastic range of activities to offer your stag party including water activities. On top of this, the Welsh people will make you feel welcome from the second you arrive.


10. Barcelona (Spain)

A lads trip to Barcelona means you get three things in one…a city break, a beach session and some fun in the sun with the lads. That sounds amazing to us!

This has been our top 10 foreign destinations!

The list of top foreign stag locations could be so much longer than just 10. There are so many other places available to head to for a stag party that unfortunately didn’t make it into this list, but that just means that this list is full of some of the best places you can head to if you’re looking for a stag party abroad.


We also have Stag Party Packages for most of these places and we’ve got more Packages coming soon for the rest, so check those out now and we might be able to help you to finalise the decision on which place to bring your stag party.



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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