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Our top 5 what not to do on a stag tips

Stag parties can get pretty wild and we all know how The Hangover movies went. And while there isn’t a set of rules or guidelines to follow, there are a number of things that you shouldn’t do. Let us tell you a few of our tips on what things to absolutely avoid happening on your stag party… This is our Top 5 Stag- What not to do!

1. DON’T have the Stag the night before.

This one goes without saying but the groom needs to be nice and fresh on his big day. So it’s definitely a good idea to plan the stag party for at least a few weeks before the wedding. As well as their freshness, this will also help him and the rest of the stag party by not putting them under too much financial pressure.

2. DON’T go too expensive.

While some of the guys going on the stag party may be single and can afford to spend big, others attending might have families and probably won’t be able to afford a flashy trip to Vegas. Aim to please everyone because if the groom is happy to have them attending his stag party then their financial needs should be catered for in the planning.

3. DON’T put the groom in a spot.

While it’s fine to play pranks and have a bit of fun, there’s definitely a limit to what you can do and it’s important to know that limit beforehand. Try to avoid putting the groom in a situation that might come back to haunt him (and the bride).

4. DON’T be disrespectful.

Whether it’s a trip to Galway or Liverpool, always be mindful not to disrespect the locals. Seeing a large group of lads together can be intimidating so be mindful of how you carry yourselves. If bouncers/security don’t like the atmosphere around your group you might be turned away from places and nobody wants that.

5. DON’T get too drunk.

Stag parties can be a long day of drinking so it’s important to know your limits and not get too intoxicated. Nobody wants to babysit anyone on the night, so don’t be that guy. Just enjoy the night because no matter what, the craic will definitely be had.


As we said above, there’s no set of rules on what to do or not do. But these are some things to definitely try to avoid. Stag parties are meant to be a fun time in the build up to the wedding and it’s important to make everyone feel as welcome as possible because some of the people attending may not be part of the usual group of lads and may even be the groom’s/bride’s family so the stag party shouldn’t entail anything too inappropriate. The main thing is to enjoy it and give the groom a great time!




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