Who To Invite On The Stag Party

Who To Invite On The Stag Party

Who To Invite On The Stag Party

I love a good stag party weekend. It’s a proper lads weekend and you’ll probably never tell your other half but your lads holidays were the best you’ve ever been on. All that’s on the agenda for the weekend is cans, pints, some stag party activity, shots and more pints. I can tell you now, you’ll be wishing you could stay on the stag longer. A successful stag party is all about the people you invite. You need a good mix of people so, here’s Who To Invite On The Stag Party!


The Best Man

We’ll just get this one off the list first off. He’s probably the one organising it anyway but the best man has to go on the stag. He’s in charge of the safe(ish) return of the groom. That everyone gets their arse to the stag party activity on time. And he’ll lead the pub crawl and drinking games. He is a key man on the stag!


The Nut Case

You simply have to have one of these guys in your stag party group. The element of complete wildness in him is what keeps you on edge after midnight. You’ll be in the club, necking shots and he’ll have that glimmer in his eye like, “we’re on for an all nighter. We’ll meet the lads at lunch tomorrow”. You’ll text this lad the next day wondering where he is only to find he ended up back at a house party in a different town with a load of randomers from the club. He did try to make his way back to the accommodation. But that was the last thing he remembered before waking up on a roundabout surrounded by empty cans.


The Prankster

We provide you with some great stag party pranks but you need a prankster to edge ye all on. This is the guy that will suggest putting a mars bar down the back of the grooms jocks is a great idea. He’ll also be the guy who’s applying wax strips to the groom when he least expects it and asking people in the bar to rip them off. He’ll also be the reason you’ll be sleeping with one eye open as no one is safe on the stag weekend. It’s all in good fun and it will most certainly make for an unforgettable stag weekend. And sure it will be something to talk about again on the big day.


The Lock In Guy

Not every group has one but should you know someone that seems to be able to sniff out a lock in regardless of where in the country he is. Bring him. He may go missing at times during the night but you’ll get a text around 2am saying “We’re on for a lock in, get yourself to…”. This is when your legs sober the f**k up for 10 mins and race to the lock in and settle in for pints until the sun comes up and the bar is about to do a breakfast service.


The Residents Bar Guy

If you don’t have a lock in guy then you need a reliable residents bar guy. Lots of lads hit the hay as soon as they know their bed is only 2 minutes away. What you want is this guy staying up all night with you. Going round for round on pints. Telling stories and if he can sing a song or two you’ve hit the jackpot.


The Drinking Game Guy

Another brilliant edition to any stag party group is this fine fellow. He has the unique ability to turn anything into a drinking game. Within minutes of spotting something innocuous he’ll have turned it into a drinking game with rules, levels, forfeits and prizes for the winners. It’s brilliant craic at the time but you’ll wake up the following morning wondering what the hell ye were playing.

Finally, mix these guys in with the rest of your family and friends on the stag party weekend and you’ll be in for one hell of a stag night. So now you know who to invite on your stag party weekend!

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