Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks

Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks

Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks

If you’re anything like myself lads and leave everything to last minute. I feel your pain. Normally, I just assumer everything will be fine and work itself out. Then a slight panic sets in as the date draws closer. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering incredible last minute Stag Party weekends in So, if you’ve left planning the stag to the last minute, chances are you have left the stag party prank planning to the last minute. We have you cover lads with these Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks!

All these Stag Party Pranks require very little prep lads.

Fake Tan the Groom

Regardless of where you’re heading for the stag weekend. You’ll be able to pick up a bit of fake tan in any shop or pharmacy on route. Ensure the Stag falls into a deep sleep on the first night of the Stag. I reckon you’ll be able to handle that. While he sleeps cover his face in fake tan and leave overnight. Then just play the waiting game until he wakes up the following morning looking more like an umpa lumpa than a grown man.

The Spike

This one is simple lads. Just swap the stags glass of water he has left next to the bed for the morning after with a glass of vodka. When he wakes up with a hangover and dry mouth and goes to down the glass he’ll get a bit of a shock.

Venue Prank

A classic Stag Party Prank lads. Just tell the stag you’re all meeting in a certain bar. Then go to a different bar, preferably across the road, so you can see his reaction that no one has shown up.

Mars Bar Prank

Finally, the simple but brilliant Mars Bar Prank. Just pick up a Mars Bar in any newsagents. When the stag eventually passes out from partying and far to many shots. Take the Mars Bar out of the wrapper and simply drop it down the back of his jocks and let his body heat do the trick over the next few hours. When he wakes up he’ll be in a bit of a sticky mess.


So there you have it lads. Just a few Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks to pull on your mate! If you’re looking for any more inspiration make sure to check out our Stag Party Pranks section!



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