Secrets Men Think They Keep From Their Girlfriends.

Secrets Men Think They Keep From Their Girlfriends.

I’ll start by saying I’m awful at keeping secrets, so bad that last week that I asked a bride-to-be was she excited about her hen party. It was a surprise a hen party to Galway and I was swiftly kicked in the shin, and got the look. Every girl has that ‘Look’ and be honest lads we’ve gotten it when we’ve ballsed up. I’m shit at lying and even worse at keeping secrets. All this got me thinking of secrets men think they keep from their girlfriends.

It’s not really that we’re hiding anything big about ourselves, we are just not saying things that may cause some trouble, hurt their feelings or land us in the doghouse again. So if you’re about to tie the knot, let me fill ye in on something lads. They know all our secrets. Damn those crafty women!


They know we check out other women

Women aren’t stupid, they know we check out other women. So don’t say you don’t. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed off. Just hold off checking out…too many…when your with them. Even if you think your checking out moves are flawless and you use your peripherals like a zen master, she spots it!


They know we checked out their pictures on Facebook

They know this lads simply because they did the same. Before ye officially got together you had a good old look at your now fiancé and soon to be wife’s pictures. If they ask you’ll deny it, playing it cool as you like, but it’s true.


They know we watch porn

It’s true, lads! They know we watch it. Not all the time, but we do. They also know that we want them to be cool with it. That’s why they say nothing.


They know we love when they go out on a girls night.

We can do the whole routine of, awe really? Guess I’ll read or something. But they know as soon as the door slams shut you’ll be down to your underpants and playing with your…video games…ordering pizza and probably watching shows she hates in blissful silence. Ah silence and thinking of nothing is great!


They know we appreciate when they bring up important topics

We tend to clam up when it comes to talking about important topics. But the truth is they know, we appreciate when they initiate the big talk. Because lads, let’s be honest, planning isn’t are strong suit.


They know we don’t like bright lipstick

Oh they know lads, but they don’t give a f**k! You’ll get a tiny peck on the cheek and be paranoid for the next 2 hours that we are still wearing it. They just do it to mess with us. Feckers!


They know we notice other guys checking them out

They are well aware of this and sometimes they play up to it so stir some sort of emotion of pride and jealousy. But that triggers something that makes us want them more.


They we know we like compliments

Most men will have learned from their dads that if a woman is looking well you tell her. It’s up their with some of the important things your dad teaches you like shaving. Even though we don’t let on, we do love the occasional compliment. Who doesn’t like to hear that she thinks ‘you’re the most handsome man on the plant’ or any compliment regarding your ‘manhood’ or sexual performance. If you get one of those compliments you’ll be walking around with your chest out all week.


They might have known we were nervous the first time we we had sex with them

I’m sure it was amazing, and you played it cool, but deep down you were shitting yourself. After you gave yourself a little pep talk before you got into bed, your inner monologue was going 90! ‘Not too early! Not too early! Please, not too early! Don’t wait too long, don’t make any weird noises, oh please good I hope I’m not making a stupid face!


They know we aren’t always in the mood

They are aware that we are not always in the mood for a variety of things, but we man up, it may not be our best performance but we will rise to the occasion.


This has been Secrets Men Think They Keep From Their Girlfriends.


So if you’re about to tie the knot with your other half, and you think there’s something they don’t know about you, they know all the secrets men think they keep from their girlfriends.



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