Slang To Know On A Belfast Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Belfast Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Belfast Stag Party

If you haven’t been to the beautiful city of Belfast yet. Well lads, ye’re missing out big time. Not only is this a city full of history, character and charm, it also has one hell of party scene and a nightlife that’s in a league of it’s own.

Unique bars and clubs can be found around each corner. This will lead to one hell of a pub crawl where you will encounter plenty of tourists, world travelling messers and of course the locals who just love to party. The first thing you will notice on a Belfast stag party is the accent. It has a beautiful sound and tone in my opinion but sometimes people can’t understand a single word a person from Belfast is saying.

So to make sure nothing get’s lost in translation on your stag, here’s the Slang to know on a Belfast stag party.


So here that are…

Dander – Going for a walk or stroll

Bout ye! – (an excited greeting)…I’m still struggling to figure this one out, how is that a greeting? But now you know.

It’s Baltic out! – It’s freezing

Wee – Everything is wee. A wee drink, a wee pint and a wee xxxl burger. It goes before everything.

Wind Yer Neck In – This another way to say calm down.

Scundered – Mortified for ya

Swall or Swallin’ –  Having a drink or setting out to get pissed

Bake – is Face

Head On Ya Like A Halfed Chewed Chip – You Ugly!

Face On Ye Like A Monkey’s Miscarriage – I can’t look at your face

Dead On – Great/Perfect

If Wit Was Shit You’d Be Constipated – A way of describing a witty or funny person.

Wee Buns – Simple

So there you have it just a few of the most popular words, slang and phrases you’ll hear on your Belfast stag party. This way you won’t just be standing there smiling and nodding. You’ll be having the craic and partying like mad thing with everyone in Belfast long into the night. And that’s Dead On!


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