Slang To Know On A Limerick Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Limerick Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Limerick Stag Party

If you haven’t already booked your Limerick stag party, what are you waiting for? Limerick is one of the best cities in Ireland to have one last almighty blowout before the big day of ‘I do’s’. It’s a city that has a fantastic selection of stag party activities. Some of the countries best pubs and clubs and not to mention home to a sporting team that has given us so many memorable moments. So this is Slang To Know On A Limerick Stag Party.

The Limerick city natives are full of life and craic and it’s evident when you’re on the stag party night. They’ll be up for a great night as much as you are. Another thing Limerick city people have in their arsenal is a terrific way with the English language. They have phrases and sayings you just don’t hear outside of Limerick. So with that in mind here are some of my favourites to keep an ear out for on your Limerick stag party.

“The Tide Wouldn’t Take Her Out” – I in no way find her attractive.

“Mere, I Wantcha!” – Excuse me sir, could you grace me with your presence.

“She would kick a 45 into the wind” – That girl has a very strong stature.

“I’ll do it with my langer hanging out” – I’ll do what you’ve asked but I’m not entirely in agreement.

“Tear you hole off the haggart!” – Please can you keep your distance or simply Go away.

“Kick in the back of the forehead” – I’ll rough you up something good in a fisty cuffs or simply ‘I’ll bait ya’.

“He’s as fit as a butcher’s dog” – A way to describe the physical shape of many of Limericks rugby players.

“Road Frontage” – A measure of eligibility for marriage. (Bound to be asked this on your stag party about your fiancé)

“Up Jacks hole around the corner” – A smart arse reply if you asked where someone or something is.

“Go play with the traffic” – Sir, you are being quite insufferable. Please stop annoying me and go away.

“I’m creaking at the Gunwhales” – This describes the feeling a gent might have if he has an upset stomach, is in search of a lavatory and praying that there is some toilet roll.

“A Feek” – Someone that I find very attractive and would like to get to know her more.

So there you have it, a little insight to the aural pleasure you may encounter on a Limerick stag party weekend. There still might be a few things you won’t understand but I’m sure you’ll get by.

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