Stag Do Pranks

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Stag Do Pranks

Stag parties are the time to let loose with all your friends. One of your mates is about to get married and it is one of his last nights of being a free man, so what do you do? Stag pranks of course! So if you’re the best man or the stag do organiser, these tips will help you to prepare the best stag night and give the groom a night to remember!

1. Fake Tattoo

It’s not something that any of us want to encounter after a stag night filled with copious amounts of alcohol, but waking up with a tattoo definitely wouldn’t go down well with the groom. Here at we’ve always got your back, so here’s what to do! Once the groom has fallen asleep, place a high quality temporary (I repeat – temporary!) tattoo on him. When he wakes up in the morning he will be in a state of shock when he realises what he has done in his drunken state.

2. Early wake up call

The groom hits the bed around 6.00am, ready to sleep off all the drink that he has consumed over the last few hours… but it’s short lived as the phone in his room is bombarded with endless amounts of phone calls from his friends who thought it would be nice to give him an early morning wake up call…..or 10!!! If only we all had friends like that eh?


3. Powder Hair

We’ve all seen this prank on YouTube … so we thought we would join in on all the fun! Get a hairdryer and fill it with powder so that when the groom turns on the hairdryer he is left with a powdery mess in his hair. Childish, but oh so funny!

4. Airhorn

One of our favourite Stag Do Pranks! The groom has had one too many to drink after a crazy stag night out with the lads so naturally he wants to sleep it off and prepare himself for the next day. Being the good friends that you are you don’t want him to oversleep so you make sure you wake him up nice and early so he doesn’t miss out on any of the stag fun!

3,2,1……. Let the airhorn blowing commence!!!


Remember the saying ‘it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye’? well, we really don’t want that to happen! we’re all about the fun factor at but always stay safe while undergoing your mischievous pranks! Enjoy your stag night!


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